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“The mediation really was quite amazing, I didn't want to leave it!!. I also love your meditation CD, and find it to be very calming.” M.S., Ft Walton Beach, FL

"Your guided meditation helps me get out of my mind chatter. You create an energy that is calming. It opens up the spaces within myself. I can feel I am in a special spot. My daily worries and heaviness always vanish, and I end feeling more energized and lighthearted." C.D., Dothan, AL

"Great Meditation. Just as you intended, I received great info that was helpful to me in my self growth journey. Thank You."  A.L., Niceville, FL

“Your toning meditations are excellent. It puts me in a place that I cannot go by myself,. Bless you.” J.M., Pensacola, FL

No matter what my intentions for my meditation are, your toning always leaves me feeling healed and renewed.” L.M., Atlanta, GA

“The meditation was effective and the introduction of the tones was most unique. Thank you.” R C., Navarre, FL

"I was stuck in my meditations. They were peaceful, but that was it. This had been going on for years. I asked Alice for help. In our session, I received wonderful guidance and information. Alice didn't channel it for me; she facilitated me receiving it for myself! I also learned better ways to work with my meditations moving forward." S.S., Orlando, FL

"Toning was wonderful! Helped me focus."

"I like your toning voice - sounds like a flute. Impressive toning with your assistant (Keta) too!"

"The exercise in grounding myself has proved to be most beneficial and I have used it throughout the day when I felt frazzled. After our session I feel balanced . I am grateful that the skill of grounding has been passed on to me."

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