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“I am 83 years old and I have not felt good about myself for my entire life.  I also never have been able to reach the spiritual growth that I desired.  I worked with Alice in two sessions that healed my buried issues and initiated me energetically as a Spiritual Priestess.  We then engaged in weekly 20 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks where Alice coached me to do my own spiritual work by going within in meditation.  Each week based on what happened she took me to the nest step.  I am now comfortable with myself, and am very connected to God and my angels and guides.  Thank you Alice for helping me achieve what I have desired for my whole life!”  B.F., Crestview, FL 

"I am a 69 years old male, reformed alcoholic who has bouts with depression and anxiety about what others think about me. I want to be free of this and attain spiritual growth and a personal relationship with God, so I can enjoy with peace my remaining years.  Alice is the best teacher, counselor, healer.  She has transformed me in many ways through her work, where she is so connected with Spirit, Angels and guides.  I am blessed to have met her, and I am at peace within myself."  
R.B., Panama City Beach, FL

"I asked Alice if she would work with my Mom, who is well into her 70's and recovering from major health issues and life changes. She had 2 sessions with Mom, who was lethargic, had no interests, and worried a lot. After the first session, Mom starting talking about things differently. After the second session, she started cooking dinner, taking walks, and humming! I can't prove that Alice made the difference in my Mom's mood and behavior, but she was the only element that was different in my mom's life."
P.M., Panama City Beach, FL

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