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Past Life Work Testimonials

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"I had been troubled for some time, by reoccurring visions and anxiousness. I finally decided to ask for help. I worked with Alice. She regressed me back into my child hood to look for the initial cause of the problem. We could not find one. She said we may need to go further, are you game to go into past lifetimes. I said anything, if it helps. We did, and the experience I had in a prior lifetime, no doubt was causing my troubles; they were obviously linked. We healed the memory of this, and worked with the child and ego, to rework the habit ways I had developed based on this. The whole session was quite incredible, and when we ended, I knew it was gone, I felt so much lighter and freer. The patterns have not come up again." M.S., Crestview, Florida

"Not only did we go to a past life, but my past life self actually talked to me. She brought all of my deceased loved ones forward to talk and to encourage me to further my spiritual shifts.  Once I got past the initial fear of this new experience, I really enjoyed it. Alice has taught me how to set up boundaries to manage my new relationships on the other side. The session was quite incredible." 
K.P., New Orleans, LA

This session was unbelievable you took me to the source of my pattern of fear and anxiety and it was a past life.  So vivid, and the emotional memory so needed to be healed.  I had no idea it was there.  Now I understand why things have occurred in my life as they have.  Thank you so much!"  W.R., Pensacola, FL

"I never knew why I could never watch a movie or TV where there was any type of violence towards women.  But I know now with past life work, Alice guided me to a life where I was abused. It set up some patterns for me in this life.  Our past life exploration soon turned into a meaningful healing, including cutting any cords with this life.  I feel like a new person!  Wow!
B.D., New Paltz, NY

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