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"I am a semi retired MD Ear Nose and Throat physician. I have some lung issues as well as arterial narrowing. I had three personal sessions with Alice. I feel the affirmations she has given to me as well as dietary changes are turning things around for me in a delightfully positive way. Also I heartily recommend the tuning meditations which I feel really resonate with my core Chakras. These can be done by phone or on CD. Let me say as a physician and fellow human being Alice has proved she could cure her own major health challenge. I do not believe there could be a more positive recommendation than that. I would strongly recommend giving her a  try no matter what other healing paths one may be following." R.L., Shalimar, FL

"I started working with Alice because of fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 1991 and have been struggling with it for years with no real relief. Having tried all types of treatments with little relief I called Alice, who is amazing. I have more energy and less pain, more good days than I've had in a long time. She hits the nail on the head every time, is able to connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues to cut to the core of the problem. I highly recommend her to anyone and will continue working with her as long as I need to. It has made such a big difference in my life!" N.P., Kansas City, KS

"Alice helped me during a difficult time especially with my diagnosis of osteoporosis. Her self healing of breast cancer was a wonderful role model for me for my own self healing. Alice’s suggestions around diet, and supplements gave me confidence in my process. My last scan showed that my bones have indeed improved.”  B.M., Pensacola, FL

"Alice's approach helped me to successfully navigate multiple high dose chemotherapy treatments and two stem cell rescues for cancer. Each healing session we did brought dramatic results to my immune system, my body and my spirit. Her experience with diet and healing foods, along with her spiritual insights helped me heal on multiple levels. I felt lighter and brighter after each session and my body reflected this shift. I felt totally supported, protected and balanced in ways that are often dismissed in medical community. Learning her "whole" prescription for health and healing is a must for everyone." A.P., Atlanta, GA

"I loved working with Alice. I had been experiencing severe sinus problems for several months. My mother recommended trying something different than another round of antibiotics and put me in touch with Alice. In addition to working on the sinus problems, we also spent time on my bronchial area and my diagnosis of Crohn's disease. The work she does with you is truly amazing - by shifting the energy within yourself, you can truly heal yourself and lead a pain free life style. My sinuses have cleared and my diagnosis of Crohn's disease no longer causes me problems. The best part of the whole process, though, is how I feel about myself now. By embracing and loving myself through this process with Alice - I am much happier, calmer, and at peace with me. And that is just wonderful!"   K.D., San Diego, CA

“For the past 44 years I’ve had colon problems. It was diagnosed as IBS, Spastic Colon and/or Psychosomatic illness by three different Doctors. The Doctors did not help. Then I heard one of Alice’s talks. In only two sessions with Alice the bleeding stopped considerable and the colon continues to improve, the pain went away dramatically. I am only experiencing a slight abrasion in the colon area because of the damage. I can feel my cells rejuvenating toward a complete recovery. Alice is a gifted healer. Thank you so very much Alice. I am truly excited about my life. At 74, life is awesome!" C.L, Lillian, AL

"Alice McCall has definitely assisted in creating a miracle in my life. She is compassionate, empathic, professional and exceedingly good at what she does. I can and have recommended her to many. After a lifetime of pain, it is uplifting to have found Alice and the peace she brings to my physical and Spiritual self." Client with Fibromyalgia, S.C., Pensacola, FL

"Multiple surgeries and steroids left my adrenal glands wiped out, with flat-lined cortisol levels. Before Alice’s help I was not responding well enough to my prescribed protocol for normal adrenal function. One session with Alice healed my adrenal glands and activated my energy. Now I can start and live each day without exhaustion." Client with flat lined adrenal functioning, S.M.R., NJ

“The session was really incredible. You are meant to do this. May all your encumbrances leave your life, so you can continue the work you are really meant to do. Thank you again. (three weeks later) Healing from our session is still taking place in a very positive way. Thanks again. You’re incredible!" Client with Multiple Sclerosis, S.S., Orlando, FL

"Thanks for all the good work today. It really helped once again put things into perspective. I do need to honor my wellness and create a formula that will do so. I actually felt relieved." Client healed of Lymphoma and on path of maintaining wellness, L.B., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“After one session with you, I felt hope. My attitude is improved. I will work with you again." Client with primary lateral sclerosis and depression, T.P., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“I know something has shifted, cause my throat has been sore on and off and I have experienced more tolerance. So, there is definitely a noticeable shift energetically."  Client with thyroid problem, C.M., Miramar Beach, FL 

"Thank you so much, Alice. Yes, lots of energy got freed. I feel much lighter and have a lot more energy. Yea! Thanks so much again!' Client with Osteoporosis, B.M., Pensacola, FL

"I am so glad I had the opportunity to do my personal work with you! I believe the "revelations" I had about my subconscious thoughts have been revealing in my relationships as well as my health issues.. It's a relief not to follow an old script. I definitely feel a change in my body and my attitude!" Client with diabetes, J.K., Atlanta, GA

“I continue getting healings with the wonderful affirmations you gave me after our healing sessions together. I visualize a white light all around me and going through my body while I listen on a CD to your affirmations. After each of your affirmations, I stop to enjoy this great feeling, like a wonderful healing tonic come through me. I've gotten these wonderful healing tonics before but not as frequent. I'm excited. Thank you Alice.” Client with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, C.L., Lillian, AL

"I am enjoying what we are doing and find it extremely beneficial. I am grateful and thankful for all that you have done. I look forward to moving on through this journey of wellness. You truly have been a gift for me. Thank you again!!!" Client diagnosed with leukemia / lymphoma, L.B., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my session. It has really helped! I enjoyed the process and a new type of healing." Client that suffers from tobacco addiction

"I feel so much better! I haven't felt this good in a very long time. The pressure in my chest and around my heart has lessened substantially and I was able to eat real food for two days now. There was a difference after the first session." Client with severe gastro reflux

"For years I had pain at the occipital ridge along the top of the neck. I used weekly chiropractic adjustments and a neck brace as I slept to deal with the pain. After working with Alice the pain has never returned, and that was 2003." C.R., Blue Water Bay, FL

"Alice helped me heal a severe bladder problem in one session. I felt the difference and the relief immediately. More importantly, I learned that I caused it by negative thinking and worries that I had been obsessing with. We transformed the build up of negative energy and the heath of my bladder was restored!" D.N., Worchester, Massachusetts

"My daughter was on the brink of death in the hospital, and no doctor knew why or what caused it. As her father I wanted to pull out all the stops. "I asked Alice to help any way she could. She spent time, connecting with my daughters energy and learned some things that needed to be healed and transformed. She did the work with the Holy Spirit to bring this about. She told me that for some reason stars kept coming up in her work. Each day my daughter got better. When she finally came out of her coma, the first thing she talked about was stars. I cannot prove that Alice's work made a difference, I just know that it did." D.A., Tallahassee, FL

"I was in a difficult period in my life. I came to Alice to seek help. During our work different chronic health issues that I just accepted and dealt with - like a throbbing in my lower back, and a pinching on the side of my head got worse. Alice said they were presenting themselves to be healed. She guided me to identify the source of the problem, and transform it. Both issues were healed that day, and have not returned. I also learned how unhealthy it was for me to focus on the fears that were underlying these health issues." C.J., Destin, FL

"I have hope for the first time in years. Thank you!" Client with Depression

"It has been four weeks and my appetite has stayed manageable. Kudos."  Client with Eating Disorder

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