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Fears, Worries, or Phobias Testimonials

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"For the past 3 years, I have spent 95% of everyday worrying about death & sickness. These negative thoughts and fears consumed me. I would have panic attacks, crying sprees, or feel frozen with fear. No matter how hard I tried, these feelings controlled my life. When I went to Alice, I was nervous, but ready to move on with my life. After 2 sessions with Alice and the Holy Spirit, I am proud to say that I haven’t had a worry, panic attack, or negative feelings. Alice has a divine connection with God and the Holy Spirit. God is definitely using Alice to heal the world. I thank God for bringing me to Alice."  L.F. Santa Rosa Beach, FL, long time sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“When I first met Alice, I was a bundle of nerves. It felt like I was afraid of everything. But my main fear was of pain. It didn't matter what form of pain. Whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual. And it wasn't just fear of the big stuff like falling down & breaking something or my spouse leaving me. I was terrified of paper cuts, banging my knee or my dog getting carried off by a hawk. I was debilitated. My fear list also included fear of water. I had also developed a huge aversion to flying my plane. Since I own my own airplane & fly as a hobby, that fear caused a problem. During one session, I told Alice I kept smelling smoke. Turns out I smelled smoke every time I heard, whether consciously or unconsciously, an airplane flying overhead! This was connected with a buried personal experience that was fearful. I am happy to report I no longer have any of these afflictions. Alice actually had to remind me of them when we were discussing how far I had come. I remembered the fear of flying but the fear of pain and water just did not come to mind. Alice is my life-saver." B.T., Shalimar, FL

“I have not thought once, since our last session a few weeks ago, about my health related fears that I had for the last 12 years of my life. Thank you! It feels wonderful!“ C.J., Milton, FL

"Combining intuitive gifts with a variety of techniques such as vocal toning and guided imagery, Alice's work is deep, subtle and effective. At our first session, I felt very comfortable, and was able to relax into the process she guided me through. In just two sessions, we made enormous progress in clearing and healing my PTSD that began with Hurricane Katrina. These two sessions cleared away several layers, opening the way for even deeper layers to be revealed, released and healed. A welcome shift after months and months of feeling 'stuck'!" S.H., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

 “I have to tell you I really feel so much better then I did when I saw you. It's like something is beginning to switch & change. When I think about those 2 incidents when I was really little with my dad & his anger, I now look at it as a detached stranger & say "wow I really feel sorry for him" & it doesn't anger or frighten me anymore!! How about that?!?!” B.T., Santa Rosa Beach, FL, client with fear and anger issues 

"Alice helped me "overcome" my basic Fear of Flying. My job requires me to fly. I can't avoid it, but I hated the thought of being "cooped" up in a plane for hours and hours. Thru Alice's work, I was able to fly all the way to the West Coast, relaxed and confident. No worries!! Thank you Alice for helping me!!" B.B., Daytona, FL

“I am grateful and thankful for so many blessings and you being one of them. I never imagined that just shifting my thoughts could be so powerful. I hated to fly due to so many fears and phobias. Your sessions have changed my way of thinking and being. I am free in so many ways, thank you forever!” L.B., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“I wanted to let you know that I have not had ONE SINGLE worry or negative thought since our last session.” L.F., Destin, FL

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