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"I had the most incredible session with Alice where we worked with my throat chakra to place me on my soul’s path.  We pulled up amazing and vividly clear images of me doing things in the future and it felt great.  She helped me to align with this and bring it forward into my energy now.  Since then all kinds of exciting things are happening to me.  Thank you, Alice!!" S.J., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I wanted to know what my purpose was, how to use my skills.  Alice linked me with my heart and soul, where I got very specific information of how to use my skills.  It even showed me my website and other details of how to do it.  And amazingly it all fit with who I am and what I love to do, only something I would never have thought of!  Alice you are a highway for channeling energies.  Thanks you!" L.B., Niceville, FL

“I have a direction now and feel more grounded.  Thank you.” C.P., Destin, FL

"Alice and I did soul’s path work 2 years ago where I saw a country in Central America and myself doing specific work.  We brought the energy forward to the present.  Fast forward.  I am currently living here and loving everything I do.  Compelling spiritual/energy work and compelling results, when you align with your soul!"  L.R., Honduras

"I have been in the spiritual path for some time. A lot of people claim to be light workers, shamans, etc. Alice doesn't put a label on her work, but our session to help me connect to my soul's path and purpose was unbelievable and better than any shaman or light worker that I have experienced. She is connected to all that is, and knows how to work in harmony with Spirit and all the universal elements and beings."
G.P., Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Alice to align to my soul's purpose, was by far the most important and compelling piece of work I have ever done. The confidence it gave me in myself and my place in the larger order has been profound."
M.U., Santa Fe, NM

“After our last session I have sensed that the ocean the earth, the sky and the universe itself are all saying "welcome back".  By using a gift that has been given to you in a meaningful way, your efforts will affect many others. Now I have been directed back to the path where I belong and can more effectively channel the healing powers that surround us on to others. You're work is appreciated by me.” B.L., Pensacola, FL

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