Healing Path with Alice McCall

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Say hello to my beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Keta

"As you can see, it’s a tough job being Alice’s pet…. but someone has to do it!"

Keta has been assisting me in my meditations since 2001 and has been consistently helping me with my healing / energy work since 2005.

When I work with clients, Keta holds and interacts with the energy I bring in. She sometimes even gurgles with it to hold onto it. This is very helpful to me, as I need to move in and out of the healing energy space that I have opened up in order to facilitate my clients work – in order to observe, listen, take notes, interact with what they are experiencing. Her partnership is extremely important to my work!

And she knows her job. As soon as I start toning (which is how I start my work) she jumps into her little basket,
and starts doing her work.

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