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Chakra Testimonials

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“Thank you Alice for the Chakra work. I came home and slept till dark.. I had a lot of "healing" to do on the inside. I don't have that "doom and gloom" feeling anymore, but more of calm. Like an inner peace now. I am rested and very relaxed!! Thank you so much!!” B.B., Daytona FL

"Your toning really made the difference. My chakras responded very strongly, and it helped center me and open me up. Cool! I don't know of anyone else who incorporates toning. It works better for me than anything else!” D.E., Pensacola, FL

“I'm doing great since the Chakra workshop. I have lots of energy and I feel I am diving deeper into my meditations and spiritual work.” E.M., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"You provide wonderful guidance. You have a great spirit. Thank you so much! I love learning from you." K.T., Knoxville, TN

“I loved the Chakra work. Very educational & cleansing of my being. Very insightful.” C.N., Niceville, FL

“I attended a Chakra clearing & balancing workshop with Alice. I got a good night’s sleep, and the next day after packing for a scheduled road trip, I felt totally energized, positive, and focused. As a man who typically has a lot of aches and pains these days, I was impressed that I was able to maintain a level of total comfort for hours while driving. I felt like I had shed half my age! I am happy about myself and my place in the universe right now. I am quite pleased with the results from working with you. I look forward to more. Thanks!” D.E., Pensacola, FL

"Alice's connection to the Holy Spirit and her experience in transformational healing and balancing energy centers - Charkas, truly has been a blessing in my life. I've worked with Alice a number of times to clear blockages in my energy charkas. It was a very unique experience and each time has lifted me and my spirit, while increasing my positive energy flow. This work coupled with the healing sessions, has enabled me to release a number of negative emotions and experiences that I had buried for many years. The first session provided me the opening to receive a mate. The opportunity to do this work and clear out blockages, has given me opportunity to be happy & live a positive fulfilling life." L.M., Dallas, TX

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