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My time with Alice, as part of an ongoing growth circle of four women, has been very powerful and healing. It has helped me to get more in touch with my own inner voice and knowing - higher self if you will. Our sessions help me to stay grounded and focused. She offers loving support and guidance, yet empowers me to trust my own journey and life experiences." L.R., Destin, FL

"There is real power in group prayer and energy work. During our healing circle for planet earth, I could actually feel the difference of working with a group versus alone. I was honored to be part of this work" B.M., Destin, FL

"We, 3 generations: grandmother, mom, and daughter, decided to do group work with Alice. She guided us in the clearing and balancing of our charkas. Some of us were skeptical. But each of us had amazing and relevant experiences during our work. We are now thirsty for more." S.M.J., Nashville, TN

"I was concerned that I would feel vulnerable in group work. What I learned from our sessions is that we all have similar issues. In several sessions the work that was done with each person ended up being something that everyone else needed as well! What a blessing!" L.R., Miramar Beach, FL

"What I am taking away with me is what the good witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - "The power is within you!"

“What an absolutely delightful IDEA and how delightful for you to bring it to fruition in such a LOVELY, LOVING way!”

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