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"After our work, I had my best month ever since I moved here 5 years ago!" K.P., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"Our monthly phone sessions have helped me to evolve from being full of doubt – to being empowered to create my life. And it’s happening! You are truly a gift to me!"  M.E., Manhattan, NY 

"I came in feeling stressed and fearful about my life and my financial security. I am leaving feeling calm, positive, and trusting in my abundance work.”  J.P., Atlanta, GA

"I worked with Alice to call in my Perfect Life Partner. I have been single for the past 10+ years and quite frankly wondered if there was a guy out there for me. As with many of us women of the new millennium, we have specific desires with respect to our perfect mate, do we not, fabulous women? And, are not willing to settle. Alice and I did the work at the end of October 2006 using the energy of the full moon and ritual to call him in. Interestingly, I got a sense of a guy coming into my vision with a cape and hiding his face. We entered into a dance. It was wonderful! Alice mentioned that he would appear in the next 9 months. So, drum roll please... I met him on May 3rd and we connected again on August 5th. And, the connection is amazing! I attracted this guy with the qualities, characteristics and attributes of my Perfect Mate.  Oh and by the way, he is a ballroom dancer and we plan to be dancing ALOT! It is quite a miracle and I am feeling so blessed! My honey was worth the wait! I highly recommend doing work with Alice and enjoying the blessings that will come and the manifestation of your perfect life!" C.M., Miramar Beach, FL

"Awesome. You put it all together for me and now I feel put together. I’ll be back!”  S.N., Blue Mountain Beach, FL

“My life in general has been full of chaos and stagnation lately. I’ve felt hopelessly stuck. You’ve shown me that I have the control inside of me, to make the changes necessary instead of them controlling me. Thanks you.”  V.O., Shalimar, FL

"I am feeling much more balanced, with my work responsibilities and family time. Life is going smoothly. Thanks for your help." D.C., Niceville, FL

“Let me tell you about all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life since our session on Friday. Everyday I wake up happier, clear about my focus, I am exploring new emotions that I didn't know I had, but the biggest thing is my husband and I, we are currently separated, but talked about giving it another try. I can't thank you enough, you are a true blessing in my life. I want you to know that, you have given me the strength to see my life in a whole new light and for that I am so grateful!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!”  D.T., Asheville, NC

"Wow. I am not sure I was prepared for such a ground-shaking experience as the one I had today. Like you predicted earlier I am tired but more centered and grounded. I am deeply grateful that you helped me with your amazing channeling and healing powers. You are truly extraordinary. We certainly went to the root of the issue quickly. My husband & friends already see the difference. Thank you from that deep bottom part of my heart that you took me in today." L.B., Crestview, FL

“I am feeling strong, calm, secure, self assured and capable of handling all situations. Thank you for a wonderful session.” L.F., New York City, NY

"Alice was originally recommended to me by a friend so I could do some past life work. But as we started our work together, I quickly realized I needed to get this life figured out first. We've uncovered things I never realized were buried but have been affecting my entire life up until this point. I've now conquered fears, self-esteem issues & have even gotten my chakras aligned & flowing properly. I'm a totally different person. I no longer let people walk all over me. Alice has taught me how to set boundaries & because of this my relationship with my spouse & every one else around me is better then ever. I've learned to let go & just be happy with what I have, not what I wish I had. Sometimes I slip up & get that sharp pain in my neck, my trigger for something is bothering me. When this happens, I now know I just need to sit in a quiet place & figure out what it is. Remarkably, once I do, the pain is instantly gone. Working with Alice has changed my life drastically for the better. I don't plan on ever stopping my work with her. There is always something new to discover about myself or to make even better. She is truly a remarkable person, teacher & healer." B.T., Shalimar, FL

“I really enjoy working with you both, one-on-one and in the workshops! You are awesome and a true God-send. I love you! That you for helping me to be my true self.” B.T., Shalimar, FL, felt unable to speak up for themselves

“During our work, I felt like I was a very old soul. I felt connected to the universe. I felt much more powerful at the end of the session. Thank you!” C.B., Ft Walton Beach, FL

“I now know that by Establishing Healthy Boundaries I am not keeping other away people, I will be embracing the people and attitudes that lead me to my authentic self.” L.W., Niceville, FL

“Thank you Alice for your talents and for your deep assistance. My world has expanded and my involvement in it feels much more relevant. I can hardly express to you my gratitude.” E.P., Baltimore, MD, client who felt stuck and stagnant

“Alice, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the guidance last night. Some times we lose our way in the dark and need someone to provide the light that will help us make it down the path of life. Thank you.” R.V., Freeport, FL

“Thank you so much for your Spiritual help on Wednesday. It was a wonderful experience! As I told you, you are better than any psychologist, psychiatrist or other minister with whom I have worked”.  R.S., Milton, FL

“Before I saw Alice, my spirit was missing. I didn’t really ever feel happy. I think a large part of it is that I was always worried about money. I was a mess. After one session – wow what a difference. The next day even my friends and family can tell the difference. I am positive and calm, and very happy. I forgot how good that felt. Thank you so much. God bless you.” K.B. Navarre, FL

“I am 83 years old and I have not felt good about myself for my entire life. I also never have been able to reach the spiritual growth that I desired. I worked with Alice in two sessions that healed my buried issues and initiated me energetically as a Spiritual Priestess. We then engaged in weekly 20 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks where Alice coached me to do my own spiritual work by going within in meditation. Each week based on what happened she took me to the nest step. I am now comfortable with myself, and am very connected to God and my angels and guides. Thank you Alice for helping me achieve what I have desired for my whole life!”  B.F. Crestview, FL

“You are so inspiring and I always learn so much from you. This might sound strange, but while I was with you, I had this sense that you are very powerful, and was quite in awe of your presence. I think it's wonderful that you are using that strength to help uplift those of us in need of spiritual guidance. The mediation really was quite amazing, I didn't want to leave it!!. I also love your meditation CD, and find it to be very calming. And I really feel that my relationship with God is improving everyday. The first time we met that I had some issues, not with not believing in God, but being somewhat afraid of him/her. I definitely feel my relationship with God is improving and feel very blessed to have met you, so that you could help/teach me”. M.S., Ft Walton Beach, FL

“Alice tunes and heals clear and true from a very pure level. Heart to heart, she allows the power of all creation to work in healing each person in the most effective way - with the added bonus of spiritual growth and evolution.” S.R., Bogota, NJ

"I am a 69 years old male, reformed alcoholic who has bouts with depression and anxiety about what others think about me. I want to be free of this and attain spiritual growth and a personal relationship with God, so I can enjoy with peace my remaining years. Alice is the best teacher counselor, healer. She has transformed me in many ways through her work, where she is so connected with Spirit, Angels and guides. I am blessed to have met her, and I am at peace within myself and my relationship with God is improving." R.B., Panama City Beach, FL

“You helped me learn a lot about myself and my journey – that I am not alone. Thank you!”  D.A., Fairhope, AL

"In our work together, I was able to transcend to a place in life were simple things could be enjoyed and issues that had burdened me were not that important.”
B.L., Navarre, FL

"Very revealing and constructive, as always. The road back to being me.” C.T., Milton, FL - seeking spiritual growth

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