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"We did get a buyer , I think it was one week after my session with you.  I released a lot of emotions I had for the house along with a lot of my feelings of personal failure for not being able to keep it.  Otherwise, it may have never sold. Thank you for guiding me in this important process.”  B.B., San Jose, CA

"My home was on the market for over 3 months. It should have sold immediately, because it was in a prime location and priced right to sell. I was really moved when I worked with Alice and discovered that I had several sub-conscious attachments to my home that were keeping it from selling. Together we cut the cords needed to free the house to belong to someone new. The buyer came forward in 3 weeks!"
A.W., Panama City Beach, FL

"When Alice and I worked together I could feel the energy moving in my center. I knew something special was happening, and it did. We received an offer on our home 2 1/2 weeks later!"
E.Z., So Hampton, NH

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