The above are categories of testimonials - words from our clients about their transformative experience while participating in spiritual meditation and sessions with Alice.

Alice has assisted hundreds of people on their journey for a healthier, happier, and more spiritually complete life. These testimonials are an opportunity for you to hear directly from Alice's clients. All are from actual people with real issues who Alice helped address and transform.

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Sessions are available over the phone or via Skype.

I am feeling strong, calm, secure, self-assured and capable of handling all situations. Thank you for a wonderful session.

I had arthritis in my neck and lower spine. After working with Alice with meditation, toning, and affirmations I am so much better. Each day I see progress in my recovery.

I’m sure I have thanked you many times for all that you have guided me through. I never dreamed nor new that energy healing would be a path I would venture into nor even would need. I feel blessed and honored that I have had the opportunity to work with you. You took me on a journey of healing. You not only taught me how to navigate through my body turning my negative thoughts into positive healing thoughts, but you have given me a whole new way of changing my thinking from a fearful place to a place of love and letting go. Everyone should experience time with you, even if it’s only once. I’m forever grateful!

Your phone sessions continue to serve as wonderful support in dealing with the passing of loved ones, as well as the “everyday” issues life presents us. So even though I don’t see you in person, your lessons remain with me. Thanks so much for your wisdom and sharing.

I am a semi-retired MD Ear Nose and Throat physician. I have some lung issues as well as arterial narrowing. I had three personal sessions with Alice. I feel the affirmations she has given to me as well as dietary changes are turning things around for me in a delightfully positive way. Also I heartily recommend the tuning meditations which I feel really resonate with my core Chakras. These can be done by phone or on CD. Let me say as a physician and fellow human being Alice has proved she could cure her own major health challenge. I do not believe there could be a more positive recommendation than that. I would strongly recommend giving her a try no matter what other healing paths one may be following.

I started working with Alice because of fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 1991 and have been struggling with it for years with no real relief. Having tried all types of treatments with little relief I called Alice, who is amazing. I have more energy and less pain, more good days than I’ve had in a long time. She hits the nail on the head every time, is able to connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues to cut to the core of the problem. I highly recommend her to anyone and will continue working with her as long as I need to. It has made such a big difference in my life!

I have been in the spiritual path for some time. A lot of people claim to be light workers, shamans, etc. Alice doesn’t put a label on her work, but our session to help me connect to my soul’s path and purpose was unbelievable and better than any shaman or light worker that I have experienced. She is connected to all that is, and knows how to work in harmony with Spirit and all the universal elements and beings.

I am a 69 years old male, reformed alcoholic who has bouts with depression and anxiety about what others think about me. I want to be free of this and attain spiritual growth and a personal relationship with God, so I can enjoy with peace my remaining years. Alice is the best teacher counselor, healer. She has transformed me in many ways through her work, where she is so connected with Spirit, Angels and guides. I am blessed to have met her, and I am at peace within myself and my relationship with God is improving.

I came to Alice to help me with my life long pattern of experiencing very unhealthy relationships in my life. We discovered low self-esteem as the cause stemming from over 60 years ago! In my first session with Alice this was lifted/transformed, leaving me lighter. It is unbelievable, but true. How can I thank you! I really feel good about myself now!

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