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Change: Do You Avoid or Embrace It?

Inspirational Article for May 2024
What does the word ‘change’ evoke within you? Do you have an immediate reaction to the word and everything you associate with it?

For many of us, change is something to avoid. Working through our fears around change can be a continual path. Even as we work on our instinct to avoid change, it can take time to unravel our deep rooted fears associated with it. And that’s without taking into consideration how most of us react when we are faced with the ‘unknown’.

The reality is we need change. We can’t grow and evolve into our fullest potential and spiritual evolution by remaining the same. This creates a dilemma we must face: We need change to grow, yet we fear the change required.

Are you ready to embrace change? Use these journaling questions to jumpstart bettering your relationship with change and all it can offer.

• Is it important for you to do everything the same way, be the same way, or think the same way that you always have? Why?
• Is there a change in particular that you fear most? Why?
• What are your perceived benefits of staying the same?
• What is the worst that can happen if you try something different or consider a different belief?
• Is this ‘worst case’ something you could deal with? (Probably, yes!)

These questions are meant to help you discover your reasons for remaining in ‘sameness’, instead of allowing growth through change to occur.

An important aspect is when we stay the same, we can become numb to living. It can be hard to be aware, in-tune with nature, or even fully embody your spiritual self. This is because you are exerting so much focus on avoiding change that you are self-creating these roadblocks. Sameness can create a type of ‘living on autopilot’ that feeds into emotional, automatic beliefs or habits. With time, this automatic living means you are blindly staying the same!

There is a compelling energy waiting for us when we recreate ourself, aspects of our life, health, or habits. It inspires a deeper understanding, leading us to a richer life on all levels. Change actually fuels our evolution. I wouldn’t be who I am today, doing what I do today, if I stayed the same – and the same is true of you!

The world needs you to grow and evolve because most humans do not. By embracing change, you show the way for others. At the same time, you also invite in continued spiritual growth.

I am proud of you for your commitment to your own growth. Let change be the engine of your evolution!

Love - Alice
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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