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Move into Perfect Balance – Part One

Inspirational Article for March 2023
Balance in all things is a priority; a must have when navigating daily life. First, we need to work on our awareness of our needs, as understanding our needs creates the framework for balance. Being aware of what we need on a daily basis, let’s us live each day with focus. This creates the space for us to move into perfect balance.

When most refer to balance, they envision it as a successful juggling act. A way that simultaneously projects remain in motion, relationships are healthy, and everything gets done. This type of balance is achieved by sheer strategy, will-power, and effort.

Spiritually, balance is achieved very differently. We attain balance by keeping our calm center no matter what – meaning we make this a priority and nothing is more important. Balance then occurs not because of effort, but by conscious allowing. We can choose moment by moment, to embrace the calmness that gives room for balance to root. Let’s resist the urge to dip up or down to extremes that are detrimental to our sense of wellness. Let’s make balance our priority, even if it means dropping one of those juggling balls we’ve spent so much effort on maintaining.

From earliest times, those on the spiritual path have valued spiritual balance. It’s been understood to be an absolute priority to live with balance amid so many human challenges. When consciously choosing balance, it becomes and stays an ongoing way of being for you - it becomes your effortless way of living.

What does balance look like in action? Every time you think or feel in a negative, fearful, or judgmental way about yourself, others, or situations – stop. When you stop your negative thoughts and feelings with conscious choice, it creates an opening for you to self-correct before any negativity becomes enmeshed within you. This prevents the negativity from being able to lower your vibration, which can make your whole being feel ‘off’.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you became angry at someone – or even yourself – and you seemed to ‘swirl’ in those feelings? They magnify and you feel out of sorts, grumpy, and maybe your body feels agitated – sound familiar? If you are usually mindful of maintaining your balance, this is your internal messaging signaling that you misstepped. You moved away from balance and let something volatile take hold.

If you don’t immediately self-correct, it creates more space for the anger to root making it more difficult for you to move back into the higher vibrational balance that you worked so hard to achieve. Prevent that by recognizing when you are going to a place that is not healthy for you, based on what you are thinking, feeling, or fearing. Then use non-emotional choice to steer yourself in a different direction. Lastly, choose to replace your anger, fear, or negative emotions with their opposites. The quicker you act on working through this process – the less difficulty you’ll have moving back into balance.

I invite you to actively become a ‘self-corrector of your thoughts, emotions, and fears’ in the very moment they occur. This keeps you in balance and you will be really happy that you adopted this ongoing practice.

Next month, the topic of moving into perfect balance continues, with ways to move beyond ‘in the moment’ self-correction, and into proactive ways of learning why you are ‘going out of balance’, along with how to maintain balance more easily.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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