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Reframe Your Thoughts & Words!

Inspirational Article for September 2023

Have you ever focused on carefully listening to yourself when you speak? I mean have you really listened to yourself? I recently did and I was shocked. So many of my words were oppositional to what I teach – but yet it was present in my own words and thoughts. What does it signify?

Thoughts as expressed by your words, are the core of your creative force. When you listen to yourself and how you communicate with yourself and the world around you - you will find areas to improve on. Once aware, you can redirect your creative energy to better benefit you.
Words communicate our thoughts. They are how we distill our multidimensional mental images and emotions in order to interact with the world. When you consciously choose the words you use, you can change what you are conveying and even more importantly alter what you are creating for yourself.

It often looks like first having a negative thought. The seed of something bothersome that you then repeat to yourself until find yourself saying it out loud to yourself or even to others about yourself. That repetition is key as it installs it inside of you - making it an ongoing belief and giving it the ability to even create it outwardly.

Nearly everyone is guilty of saying things like: I am a mess. I am stupid. I am sick of being alone all the time. I am moving slow today. I am exhausted. When you use ‘I am’, you accept it as your current reality and reinforce it as a permanent part of who you are.

When you include an emotion by saying ‘I am so agitated’ or a physical action like stomping your foot or slamming a book – you’re furthering its creation. Why? You thought it, said it, and heard it repeatedly. You even owned it with ‘I am’ statements. Now you are feeling it with an emotion and are propelling your unwanted words out into the world with a slam or a stomping energy. That’s a big energy investment into something you don’t want to be part of your life!

We can use these same principles to create positivity in our lives. When we use ‘I am’ for our affirmations, we reinforce them and help bring them into the present. Great examples include: I am confident. I am kind and patient. I am loving towards myself. Then when we add repetition, a positive emotion, or a physical action, we can further its impact.

Our words communicate inwardly with ourselves – but they are also our primary vehicle to communicate outwardly with others. It’s easy to slip into patterns, placing blame and being overly critical to the point where rifts become harder to overcome. These often appear in ‘you’ statements like: You make me so mad. You are so lazy. You are the reason why we are always late for everything.

What can you do? Let’s rephrase the moment! As you were about to say, “I can’t believe you made this mistake,” stop. Instead move it towards “Well that’s a mistake – how do we fix it?”

Rephrasing also includes eliminating words. Instead of ‘I am dying from the heat,’ rephrase as ‘I’d rather sit in the shade.’ Rather than saying ‘I am sick of this routine,’ say ‘It’s time to update my routine.’ Why impose dying or sick onto yourself and accept it as part of your present being?

Become conscious of the words you choose. Make an effort to use words that create what you want for yourself, others, and the world at large. When you reframe your thoughts and words, you will change your life!
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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