Spiritual Growth & Self-Help Events Available via Recording

Below is a selection of available recordings from Alice’s most popular spiritual growth & self-help events.  To purchase: please email Alice and include the topic that interests you and whether you want MP3 or phone access.. 

These are actual recordings of her popular live events. Email Alice if you have any questions or are looking for a specific topic that isn’t listed. To see the list of health related topics, click here.

Self Help:

Living without Fear - free
A healing meditation to transformation & release of a component of your fear habits.

Addictive Behavior Healing & Support - $35
Includes root cause healing & daily support work.

Limitation to Abundance Series - $30
Transform deep limiting beliefs and engage in powerful abundance creation work.
“I just got done completing the limit/lack meditation recording. I already got a raise!” H.A. South Carolina

The Importance of Allowing - $15

Spiritual Growth:

Intro Auric Field Series - $35
Overview of the 12 layers of your auric field and how to maintain it.

In-Depth Auric Field Series - $90
In-depth education with energy transformation of the 12 layers of your auric field.

Chakra: In Body Chakra Series - $50
Transmute, transform, expand all 7 major chakras plus your sacred ear chakras.

Chakra: High Heart Chakra - $20
Introduction and activation of your High Heart Chakra.

Chakra: Out of Body Chakra Series - $95
Introduction and initial activation work.

Chakra: Advanced Out of Body Chakra Series - $80
Multi-dimensional expansion work.
“After Out of Body Chaka 11&12, my body is so much more grounded to the earth and the cosmos! I love the path we are on together in these ongoing spiritual events. I could never handle all the ‘shit storms’ around me without your spiritual work and perspective. Thank you so much.” D.B., Florida

Healing with the Dolphins - $20
High technology healing with Jupiter moon IO's dolphin energy.
“The dolphin healing was spectacular! My chronic knee pain left and it has not returned." P.S. North Carolina

Past Lives Series - $75
Discover and learn about your spiritual gifts available to you in this life, from your four foundational past lives.

Universal & Spiritual Laws to Empower You & Your Life! - $40
Learn the principles & tools for success with dynamic energy, change, creation, protection, agreements, transformation, and more.

12 Rays of Light from Creator Series - $85
Introduction and profound activation/attunement work with all 12 rays.
“That may have been the most powerful healing yet. So much resonated for me! The energy that I experienced was amazing during the tones you made vocally. I am going to gift this series to my sister.” N.M., Pennsylvania

Spiritual Ascension Educational Seminar Series - $145
Comprehensive foundation spiritual ascension and how to move into your divine, empowered, highest potential self.

Divine Blueprint Activation Series - $50
Activate your 12D divinity codes that are lying dormant or partially dormant within your divine blueprint. This is specialized DNA activation work.

Email Alice if you have any questions or to access the event recordings that speaks to you. To see the list of health related topics, click here.