Healing Meditation Events Available via Recording

Below is a selection of available recordings from Alice’s most popular guided healing meditation events. To purchase: please email Alice and include the topic that interests you and whether you want MP3 or phone access.. 

These are actual recordings of her popular live events. Email Alice if you have any questions or are looking for a specific topic that isn’t listed. To see the list of self-help and spiritual growth topics, click here.

Understanding Health & Healing Events
While working in a deep regressed meditation state, Alice will guide you in a powerful self-healing process using tools like transformational violet fire energy, intuitive toning, and her team of angels and guides to transform the area targeted in each event. These events build from the focus of her successful healing practice that buried beliefs, memories, and emotions are held in the cells of your body potentially manifesting into health issues.

“Your High Blood Pressure event addressed the causes of my high blood pressure. My unhealthy energies were transmuted into joy.
My blood vessels changed from contracted to relaxed. Sincere thanks." L.F., New Jersey

1 Hour Targeted Healing Events: $20 each

Event NameEvent Name
Blood HealthBlood Sugar Balanacing
Bone HealthBrain & Brain Stem
Breast HealthButtocks /Empowerment
Depression/Mood LifeDetox Your Body 
Ears / Ear Chakra  Emotional Release
Energy BoostEyes / Eye Chakra
GI & Liver CleanseHealing with Your Heart’s Wisdom
High Blood PressureHips & Knees
Immune SystemInflammatory Health Issues
JointsKidneys Healing & Prevention
Knee IntensiveMouth
Respiratory TractSacred Sinuses
SpleenThigh, Groin, Root Chakra
ThyroidWeight Loss

1.5 Hour Targeted Healing Events: $25 each

Event NameEvent Name
Addiction / Bad Habit SupportAllergies
Bladder / UTICold / Flu
Digestive TractHeadache / Migraine
Heart HealthShoulder
Skin HealthSleep Disorders
Throat / Throat ChakraWomen's Genital Health
Additional Health Healing Series:

Endocrine System Healing $40 - 3 Hours
Consists of two recorded events, covering all the components of the endocrine system.

Spine Healing Series $60 - 4 Hours
Consists of four recorded events that address the entire spine: cervical neck to the coccyx.

Stress Reduction & Management Series $30 - 2 Hours
Consists of two recorded events to transform major stressors and fears with stress reduction tips.

“The Digestive Tract event was just what I needed. I hadn't been able to eat and had diarrhea every day. After the healing meditation, I was able to eat and the diarrhea has yet to return!" N.W., Georgia

Email Alice if you have any questions or to access the event recordings that speaks to you. To see the list of self-help and spiritual growth topics, click here.