Healing Path's Services

Healing Path provides holistic services focused on the mental, emotional, spiritual connections to the body. We are not licensed medical professionals or licensed psychologists, nor do we imply so. We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, heal or provide medical or psychological services in any form.

Our clients share dramatic improvements with health issues such as lymphoma, IBS, back pain, stress, and migraines. We also assist clients to connect with angels and past lives, as well as provide spiritual coaching, multidimensional journeying, and spiritual ascension education. Many clients use our services to maintain balance and wellness as we continue to go through evolutionary changes on earth.

Healing Path offers all services as private sessions which take place via phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Services are also offered as monthly teleconference events – both live via phone and as a recorded link. Past event recordings are available as well. 

Contact Alice for a free phone consult to learn how she can help you.

Our Services

1.Cellular Transformation of Health Issues Includes: high blood pressure, thyroid disease, respiratory issues, digestive issues, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, neck pain, fibromyalgia, chronic allergies, UTI/bladder infections, prostate issues, and more.

2.Transformation of Unwanted Life Issues Includes: relationship dynamics. career concerns, being stuck, selling a home, chronic fears, conceiving a baby, anger issues, accepting change, creating your heart’s desire, and more.

3.Spiritual Education, Guidance, Transformation Includes: spiritual purpose, spiritual ascension, multidimensional energy work, past lives, chakras/auric field, re-formatting your energy, strengthening your relationship with Creator, and more.

4.Life Coaching Available for all areas of your life with practical advice, daily support tactics, and motivation specifically for you.

5.Channeling Meditation Includes topics of Path/Life Guidance, Communication with Deceased Loved Ones, or Pet Communication. Alice channels guidance on your area of interest within her sacred space. Afterwards, via phone, she shares the received guidance, answers any questions, and provides a typed summary. Most use this service when they are unsure of their path, want guidance from a higher source, or are looking for messages from deceased loved ones.
Alice is also available in Western North Carolina to officiate your wedding or commitment ceremony - and speak at your convention, church, or club.

See testimonials to learn what clients say about all of our services. 

Contact Alice if you have any questions. She would love to hear from you!