Upcoming Events

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info. Events can be attended so many different ways! Limited in-person attendence in Tryon, NC, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call (by phone or MP3) at your convenience.

ON GOING:  In-person free MeetUp gatherings in Tryon NC for discussion, growth, and friendship. 
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April Events
Solar Eclipse: Independence & Personal Courage
Live Event Monday, April 8th, Noon-1:30pm CT/ 1-2:30pm ET - $30
This Solar Eclipse marks a turning point for you and our world. This event will help you find out why, while connecting with the part of you that will propel you forward – your authentic self. While in a transforming meditation, be guided to align with your authentic desires and manifest with the new moon! Includes planetary outlook at what’s ahead. 
Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra Event
Live Event Thursday April 25th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET - $30
Do you wonder why you experience repeat relationship patterns or struggle with trusting? Your solar plexus and heart chakra could hold the answer to this and much more. This event will thoroughly assist you in cleansing, transforming, and re-tuning these chakras. Let’s open our chakras to new energies and let go of unhelpful habits. This is part of a chakra series that will take place throughout 2024, working with all of the major chakras. 
May Events
5-5 Portal: The Gateway of Change
Live Event Sunday May 5th 9:30am-11am CT / 10:30am-Noon ET - $30
This portal is calling us to step away from anything that no longer serves us! Although it may not be what you are used to, it’s your ticket to unlimited freedom. In this event learn how to use the 5-5 Portal as an opportunity for forward growth, without guilt or fear. Experience a guided transformational meditation for an energetic boost to move you closer to what is important to you.
Deep Relief: Digestive Distress - A Meditation Event
Live Event Thursday, May 23rd 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET - $30
Do you experience stomach anxiety or digestive distress? This guided meditation event deeply focuses on a new area of root cause: What you won’t or can’t digest from your life (past or present). We will also address what causes you feelings of dread or doom. This is a health changing event that also includes the solar plexus chakra!

Future Planning

6/6 - Guided Healing Meditation
6/20 - Guided Healing Meditation
7/7 - Guided Healing Meditation
7/20 - Advanced Ascension Gathering
8/8 - Guided Healing Meditation
8/19 - Guided Healing Meditation
8/29 - Guided Healing Meditation
9/17 - Guided Healing Meditation
9/22 - Guided Healing Meditation
10/2 - Guided Healing Meditation
10/10 - Guided Healing Meditation
10/17 - Guided Healing Meditation
11/11 - Guided Healing Meditation
11/23 - Advanced Ascension Gathering
12/12 - Guided Healing Meditation
12/21 - Guided Healing Meditation

All upcoming events require reservations.
Recorded Events Available by Request

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