Upcoming Events

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info. Events can be attended so many different ways! Limited in-person attendence in Hendersonville, NC, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call (by phone or MP3) at your convenience.

December Events:
Solar Eclipse Celebration
Live Event, Saturday December 4th, 9:30am-11am CT / 10:30am-Noon ET –$30
Gain the courage to lead your life as you desire! Receive important messages from Archangel Metatron. Discover and create your own truth, freedom, and expansion - allowing your soul to pull you further into your Divinity! 
Winter Solstice Event
Live Event, Tuesday December 21st, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $30
Become your desired purpose. Better yourself and the world. Archangel Gabriel will teach you to follow your soul to become your desired purpose for yourself and the world. Includes a magical manifestation. 
January Events:
Your Personal Portal Expansion – with 2022 Messages
Live Event, Tuesday January 11th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $30
After receiving important messages for 2022, Archangel Orion will take you on a journey through several high frequency portals. This work is amazing and will expand you into a new level of being. You will leave feeling changed in a big way!
Stomach Distress – includes Solar Plexus Cleansing
Live Event, Tuesday January 25th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $25
A transformation and prevention event! Acid Reflux, Gastritis, Heartburn, Peptic Ulcers, GERD will all be addressed in this event targeting stomach distress. We will transmute the emotional belief causes at the cellular level and within the solar plexus chakra. Good for short term stomach distress from holiday excess, as well.  

Future Planning

2/8 Guided Meditation Event
2/22 Guided Meditation Event
3/5 Advanced Ascension Event
3/20 Equinox Event
4/12 Guided Meditation Event
4/30 Eclipse Event
5/16 Eclipse Event
5/26 Guided Meditation Event
6/6 Guided Meditation Event
6/21 Summer Solstice Event
7/16 Advanced Ascension Event
7/26 Guided Meditation Event
8/8 Guided Meditation Event
8/22 Guided Meditation Event
8/30 Guided Meditation Event
9/12 Guided Meditation Event
9/22 Equinox Event
10/15 Advanced Ascension Event
10/25 Eclipse Event
11/8 Eclipse Event
11/11 Guided Meditation Event
12/6 Guided Meditation Event
12/21 Winter Solstice Event
All upcoming events require reservations.

Recorded Events Available by Request

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