Upcoming Events

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info. Events can be attended so many different ways! Limited in-person attendence in Tryon, NC, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call (by phone or MP3) at your convenience.

ON GOING:  In-person free MeetUp gatherings in Tryon NC for discussion, growth, and friendship. 
Learn more on the MeetUp group page here.
February Events:
Advanced Ascension Gathering – The Future is You!
Live Event Saturday, February 4th, 9:30am-12:30pm CT / 10:30am-1:30pm ET - $65
Become the future now, within your own being! Learn new compelling information from amazing sources that will stimulate and enlighten you. Be empowered on so many levels and prepared for the important 2023 year. Includes advanced energy enhancements and transformation. 
Relationship Wound Healing: Heart & Heart Chakra
Live Event Monday, February 20th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET - $30
Unaddressed relationship wounds from the past or present can fester to negatively impact your happiness, potential, and health! This event includes healing of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, loneliness, disrespect, and so much more. Includes guided transformational meditation. 
March Events: 
Respiratory Health - Prevention & Healing
Live Event Thursday, March 9th - 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET - $30
It is critical to maintain a healthy respiratory function in the current world we live in. Address your upper and lower respiratory functions, as well the diaphragm in this cellular level healing and prevention event
Your Internal Garden – A Spring Equinox Event
Live Event Tuesday, March 21st - Noon-1:30pm CT/ 1-2:30pm ET - $30
This equinox increases your creative life force, enhancing the richness of your internal garden. In guided transformational meditation, activate an untapped power within you, to enable the manifestation of your dreams & abundance!  

Future Planning

4/3 - Guided Healing Meditation
4/20 - Solar Eclipse Event
5/5 - Lunar Eclipse Event
5/20 - Advanced Ascension Gathering
6/6 - Guided Healing Meditation
6/21 - Summer Solstice Event
7/7 - Guided Healing Event
7/20 - Guided Healing Event
8/8 - Guided Healing Event
8/24 - Free Event
9/9 - Advanced Ascension Gathering
9/23 - Equinox Event
10/10 - Guided Healing Meditation
10/14 - Solar Eclipse Event
10/28 - Lunar Eclipse Event
11/11 - Guided Healing Meditation
11/30 - Guided Healing Meditation
12/12 - Guided Healing Meditation
12/21 - Solstice Event

All upcoming events require reservations.
Recorded Events Available by Request

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