The above are categories of testimonials - words from our clients about their transformative experience while participating in spiritual meditation and sessions with Alice.

Alice has assisted hundreds of people on their journey for a healthier, happier, and more spiritually complete life. These testimonials are an opportunity for you to hear directly from Alice's clients. All are from actual people with real issues who Alice helped address and transform.

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Sessions are available over the phone or via Skype.

“I have been working with my counselor on my relationship and sleep problems for years. You get to the root cause in one session. I will tell my friends about you." 

"For a guy to spend his vacation time doing ‘inner work’ is unheard of, but that’s what I did when I booked with Alice. What resulted was important. I identified and healed my ongoing pattern of attracting the wrong women. After our work, I had the courage to finally end a relationship that was unhealthy to me. I am now ready to establish healthy relationships in my life." 

"Unbelievable, I am able now to live with the same man that filled me with such fear before. I learned that when I heal and change myself, all around me changes. Alice you are truly a gift." 

"I’ve been meaning to tell you how the negative people in my life are no longer negative around me!!! You have helped me immensely."

“I had been single for 10+ years and wondered if there was a guy for me. I had specific desires for my perfect mate, and I was not willing to settle. "I worked with Alice to call in my Perfect Life Partner at the end of October, using the energy of the full moon and ritual. Interestingly, I got vision of a guy with a cape and we entered into a dance. Alice mentioned that he would appear in the next 9 months. So, drum roll please... I met him on May 3rd and we connected again on August 5th. Our connection is amazing and he has the attributes and qualities of my Perfect Mate! He is a ballroom dancer and are dancing A LOT! It is a miracle.” 

"Your guidance and healing were a rock for me towards the end of my messy divorce. I actually was able to stand up to my ex, and his lawyer without fear of anger. I will never be able to thank you enough." 

I came to Alice for help with my life long pattern of very unhealthy relationships. We discovered low self-esteem as the cause stemming from over 50 years ago! In my first session this was transformed, leaving me lighter. It is unbelievable, but true. I really feel good about myself now!"  

“I've done talk therapy in the past as well as extensive journaling about the relationship with my mother, but nothing has helped me as much as that one session with you!"
“Every day since our session, I wake up happier, clear about my focus, I am exploring new emotions that I didn't know I had, but the biggest thing is my estranged husband and I are now talking about giving us another try. I can't thank you enough. You have given me the strength to see my life in a whole new light!”
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