The above are categories of testimonials - words from our clients about their transformative experience while participating in spiritual meditation and sessions with Alice.

Alice has assisted hundreds of people on their journey for a healthier, happier, and more spiritually complete life. These testimonials are an opportunity for you to hear directly from Alice's clients. All are from actual people with real issues who Alice helped address and transform.

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Sessions are available over the phone or via Skype.

Multidimensional testimonials are related to past lives, chakra work, shamanic journeying, multidimensional experiences, and dark energy removal.

"I wanted more from my spiritual experiences. I wanted to go to other realms. When working with Alice, she asked my higher self, if she was to help me do this, and we received yes - it's time to fly. We worked with my throat charka to propel me into the web of life and my desired destination - the angelic realms. I not only felt the energy of this place but also experienced that the universe really is all one - that we all are really just one."  

I had a session with Alice as I was experiencing ongoing energy leaking and scattered energy for no apparent reason. We discovered that the source was an energy controlling me. Not only did we remove the controlling energy that was lodged inside, but Alice also guided me to declare myself as an empowered divine being, to take back my energy and establish firm boundaries. I felt great from that day forward, and have not had any repeats of this.”
"I worked with Alice and a small group to heal the earth. I could actually feel and see myself going inside of earth - Experiencing the coolness, slight dampness, the richness. Then, I saw what I was to help heal - dirty underground waterways. I sent it love and I received back the vision of it transformed. It was thrilling. The best part was that Earth thanked me and gave me some advice for my life that was rich in wisdom. The whole experience took my breath away and moved my heart. Alice thank you for all that you do.”

“I had been troubled for some time, by reoccurring visions and anxiousness. I finally decided to ask Alice for help. She regressed me back into my child hood to look for the initial cause of the problem. We could not find one. She said we may need to go further, are you game to go into past lifetimes. I said anything, if it helps. We did, and the experience I had in a prior lifetime, no doubt was causing my troubles; they were obviously linked. We healed the memory of this, and worked with inner child and ego, to rework the habit ways I had developed based on this. The whole session was quite incredible, and when we ended, I knew it was gone as I felt so much lighter and freer. The patterns have not come up again."

“In my journeying with my soul, which Alice facilitated, I went to a place like the garden of Eden. I felt myself at my origin. It was quite incredible. Eagle came and hugged me with his wings and took me on a journey where I saw what I needed to see. Amazing. You are so very gifted.” 

"Not only did we go to a past life, but my past life self actually talked to me. She brought all of my deceased loved ones forward to talk and to encourage me to further my spiritual shifts. Once I got past the initial fear of this new experience, I really enjoyed it. Alice has taught me how to set up boundaries to manage my new relationships on the other side. The session was quite incredible."

“After your Chakra Workshop and packing for a scheduled road trip, I felt amazingly energized, positive, and focused. As a man who has a lot of aches and pains, I was impressed that I maintained total driving comfort for hours. I felt like I shed half my age! I am happy about myself and my place in the universe. I look forward to more!”

"A few years ago, I went into a coma that lasted for a long time. I had no memory of that period. I asked Alice if she could help me with coma recall of what happened. She said she would ask Spirit if it was okay to do this work, and that she would let me know. A few days later she called and said, not only did I get a yes, but I was immediately connected with your energy and experienced what you experienced. She had recorded every detail, and all of it had relevance and meaning to my life at this time." 

"Your ways of working the Sound Therapy are profound. At some point in your meditation/toning, I encountered that place of painful dissonance. It was in my body and my mind didn't know what to do with it. Then I remembered to surrender. I surrendered my body's disharmony to the sounding of the tones. Ego stepped aside and I became the empty crystal bowl of your voice. Soon after, you toned a frequency that seemed to literally shatter my structure. It was though the 'Big Bang' occurred, and whatever resistance I'd been holding disintegrated. I've had a few similar experiences over the years, but none that were as bodily profound – I felt it, received visuals, and words! Thank you for modulating these Sacred Seed Sounds."

"I never knew why I could never watch a movie or TV where there was any type of violence towards women. But I know now with past life work, Alice guided me to a life where I was abused. It set up some patterns for me in this life. Our past life exploration soon turned into a meaningful healing, including cutting any cords with this life. I feel like a new person! Wow!"  

"Your toning really made the difference. My chakras responded very strongly, and it helped center me and open me up. Cool! I don't know of anyone else who incorporates toning. It works better for me than anything else!”
"I love the individual attention Alice gives to her clients. It helps to quicken and explain the spiritual growth process."
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