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Archived from 2012

Kiva enjoying the view during a weekend hiking trip.
A couple photos from this summer.  A blooming wild azalea along a hiking trail and Kiva playing in the garden.

I hope that your summer as been full of beauty and awe-inspiring moments.


       April 2012 -

Welcome to my new baby pup, Kiva, a little boy dog!

Many of you knew my former pet and healing partner, Keta. Before she passed on 1/1/12, she told me that she wanted come back in a younger body so she could continue her healing work. She was concerned, that if she came back that I would not find her. I promised her that I would, that our angels would help make it happen.

Within 3-4 weeks she showed me in a meditation that she was back. Amazingly, I was guided to my new baby dog in less than two weeks later! Maybe Keta’s spirit is in this pup, or maybe it was a way for me to find the next 'right' dog for me. Either way, it is clear that this dog is suppose to be with me! I have documented the extraordinary story and hope to share it with you soon.

For now, let me introduce the dog I was guided to bring into my life.  Kiva is bright eyed, grounded, and has a mature presence in his little 1.5 lb body!  He has already joined me in some of my personal meditation work, and a few of my healing sessions... Meaning I have seen him helping in my inner screen of vision.  I have no doubt that he will be a powerhouse dog as he matures.

By the way, he is named Kiva as that is what he showed me when I connected with him energetically when he was only 12 days old.  It was also another sign that this pup is for me, as I call my current healing space my kiva room!

Love to all. Please join in my joy!

Note: A kiva is a subterranean room used by Southwest Native Americans for their spiritual and religious ceremonies.

I am very excited to share that Wellness Wisdom is now available for as an E-Book for the Kindle! For now, I have an exclusivity agreement with Amazon, but in the coming months I will be able to expand to other platforms! Follow the link below to buy a copy of the Wellness Wisdom E-Book for $9.99!

     January, 24th

I was fortunate to be able to take last week off.  I went to South Florida to visit family and friends. It was wonderful to wake-up early to watch the sunrise over the beach.  Here are some photos that capture the magical moments. May all of your moments be magical!

Welcome to 2012!

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Love & Light

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