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Upcoming Events with Alice

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info.  Events can be attended so many different ways!
Attend in person, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call at your convenience.

 Listen to past radio shows and read Alice's guest contributed articles.
Recorded Events Available by Request

Advanced Ascension Gathering
Learn the essence of your life’s journey and how to avoid common pitfalls. Receive practical, life-changing teachings, and insights. Experience a powerful transformational meditation with the ‘Flower of Life’ sacred geometry.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$55 9:30am-12:30pm CT

10:30am-1:30pm ET
Spring Equinox Event
Accelerate your spiritual growth, mental acuity and health with the cosmic growth energies harnessed for this important event. Includes spiritual teaching and transformational meditation work.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Living with Boundaries
A companion to ‘Boundaries, an updated look’. Stand alone event with tools, tips and tactics to become your boundaries easily each and every day.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Hands & Palms with Chakra Work
experience a cellular level transformation of the negative emotions, beliefs and patterns held in your hands. Includes a thorough clearing and balancing of your palm chakras.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Pituitary – Your Mastery Gland
In this event, experience cellular level transformation of negative beliefs and emotions that are stuck in your pituitary gland - offering improved wellbeing. Enhance the expression of your wisdom and intuition!
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7pm CT

7-8pm ET

All upcoming events require reservations
5/5 Thigh & Groin: Healing & Prevention
5/17 Telomere Extension - DNA Event
6/5 Lunar Eclipse Event
6/20 Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse Event
7/5 Lunar Eclipse Event
7/25 Advanced Ascension Gathering
8/8 Lion's Gate Event
8/18 Self-Healing via Body Communication
8/31 Free Event: Your Greatest Fear
9/10 - Mouth: Healing & Prevention
9/22 Equinox Event
10/6 Mitochondria Healing & Prevention
10/24 Advanced Ascension Gathering
11/11 11-11 Stargate Event
11/30 Lunar Eclipse
12/14 Solar Eclipse
12/21 Winter Solstice

Events Available by Request: Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.
Recorded Events Available by Request

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