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Archived from 2015

The earth, when we choose to come into contact with it physically, has healthy ions for us and our body. Moving water - like a river's flow, waves, or waterfalls - offers the same in a different and uplifted vibrational way.

My peak experience always seems to be with waterfalls, especially when I can get close to them. I can feel the vibration in my body lift and all areas of my body open - including my nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, mind, throat, and lungs.  It is what occurs when I receive negative ions, and negative in this sense is a good thing.

 Hooker Falls in North Carolina is an easy getaway for me.  It is close to my Hendersonville location and is an easy hike. When I can, I explore Triple Falls or High Falls - but it is about making time to enjoy the benefits of what surrounds us.

I am blessed that Hooker Falls is close by so I am able to connect with it's energy of renewal on any given day.
What a gift. Thank you God!

  Below is the visual and the sound from Hooker Falls.  I hope you enjoy.

Hi everyone! September closed in a big way with the lunar eclipse and some important earth/universal work - which I will be sharing soon.

When Pat Rinaldi began the recording of the lunar eclipse event, she was guided to grab her paintbrush and paint. Over the next 1.5 hours of the event - while in a deep connected state with the meditation event - these two paintings came from the inside of her.
They are extraordinary.

An important part of this event was cleansing and activating the unused parts of our pineal gland.

This feels like the cleansing and rebalancing of our pineal gland. Pat felt it as a wave of love.

This feels like the 'guided steps down inside of tree' to activate the unused parts of our pineal gland - so they can become gifts to us. I also feel this as the anchoring of the divine sacred masculine, which was part of the healing meditation.

I'd love to hear from you about what you feel from this divine message through Pat's paintings - or if you have and experience you'd like to share, reach out at any time. Alice@HealingPath.info.


Well I guess the mushroom is talking to me these days. Last month, I shared the sacred geometry of the mushroom in Perelandra, NC (read it below).  This month, a mushroom pops up from the depths of the earth fully formed - when the day before there wasn't signs of it. The reason this is significant is it is next to the chair I sit in each evening on my patio. I would have certainly noticed if it was there a few hours earlier.

The two mushroom experiences, Perelandra and my patio garden, happening within weeks of each other got my attention. So I decided to tune into mushroom and ask what it was about!

Why are you here popping up next to my chair?

The reason I am here is to show that all things are possible. Out of nowhere - new birth can occur.
I was hidden yesterday and today I am born.

Other plants can offer that idea, why you?
Other plants sprout up and are a shoot in the beginning. When I pop up, I am full of my full potential. I am fully formed.

So, you are a harkening of instant manifestation, so to speak?
Yes in a way, but only if someone has done their deep inner work. I come from the depths of the hidden earth.
The mushroom that comes from the inside of the earth unseen and fully formed - is about the reality that all things are possible. You are the gestation tube - the creator. You (who has done your work of eliminating limitations) plug in your creation, and then unseen it magically occurs when you least expect it.

But what about fungus, candida and health concerns around mushrooms?
If someone is in balance, I am great and healthy for them. If someone is out of balance, I may not be. Do your inner work. Get yourself in balance with the way God has made you and the garden of the earth. Then all food is good for you. It is about you and what is inside of you that keeps you out of balance - not the foods. Maintain balance in all areas of your life.

Take the time to tune into unexpected happenings from nature or life that occurs in your path. You will definitely receive something special for you and others….like I did!


The sacred geometry of a mushroom in the woods of Perelandra in the North Carolina mountains.

Have you ever tuned into the perfection of nature? It is amazing - from the intricate detail of a spiders web, the luminescent detail and color of a dragon fly, the open purity of a magnolia blossom, to the amazing detail of moss or a fossil in a rock.

Recently I attended a concert at Perelandra. It's an unusual circular shaped structure at the top of a mountain with amazing views.  The venue only seats 50 for their intimate performances.  Danny Ellis, an a Irish folk singer who has written a book on growing up in an orphanage and has been performing since the 60s. His storytelling through lyrics was exceptional.

My friends Julie and Lee brought me to this wonderful music chapel in the mountains. On a break between sets, Julie captured this perfection of nature on the wooded grounds. I call it the 'sacred geometry of the mushroom'.  You may want to spend a few moments tuning into this mushroom structure - It feels good and seems to support allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable, while knowing that you are safe. But whatever message you get from this mushroom, it will be the right one for you!



My Journey to the Heart of the Mountain.

On 5/11/15, (that’s 5 111 5 – interesting and great numerology; especially with the trinity of 111’s in the middle, bookended by 5s) I trekked up the mountain at Joyce Kilmore Park, which is on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. I was joined and supported by two spiritual sisters – Pat Rinaldi and Maria DiSanti. I did this a day after driving from South Florida to my North Carolina home - a trip that takes two days.

Why did I do that?

One of my newest spiritual assignments is to receive a healing and spiritual awakening program, which can benefit planet earth and humanity, from the star Sirus. I was first made aware of the assignment when I was in Lake Worth Florida, while connecting with the wisdom of an ancient mahagony tree.

After many downloads and detailed instructions, I completed a sacred ceremony to receive the advanced programs from the star Sirus with the help of the mahagony tree.  The next step was to bury those energies in the sacred space of North Carolina's ancient mountains. As I prepared for the drive to North Carolina, Pat Rinaldi told me she'd learned of an ancient grove of virgin trees located 2.5 hours from my Hendersonville home. I got goose bumps.  I explained my recent spiritual assignment and how I understood that to be the place where the divine programs from Sirus should be buried.  As the Universe always provides, Pat's sister was coming to North Carolina for a visit just as I was returning - and they were already planning a trip to the special grove of trees.

The timing was perfect for me to join them, do my grounding ceremony supported by them – making us a divine trinity on a mission!

The journey was not an easy one.  The trek is uphill and it was a very hot day - with even my dog Kiva objecting and needing to be carried.  As the upward journey unfolded - all the signs in nature pointed the way to the the path start, the way through the woods, the location of ceremony, and even how to get back safely!

The following photos capture the signs that pointed the way for our journey.  I hope you enjoy experiencing part of the journey through these captured moments.  Love to you - and thank you for allowing me to share this with you.


The Chapel of the Trees - The Path Less Traveled & Cleansed by the Mountain Stream - The Fairies' Workshop


The Gate Keeper - The Archway into the Sacred Ceremonial Space - The Ceremonial Virgin Tree


The Burial Space - The Road Back Home - Deeply Supported Throughout


As I settle into my home in the North Carolina mountains, I bring the energy of the inspirational sunrises on the beach of South Florida.
The sun rising yet again creates the beginning of a new cycle of life. This reminds me of the ability of each of us to have a new start each day -  if we choose.

I anchor the creative potential of the sunrise among the ancient trees of the Appalachian Mountains - the oldest mountain range on the earth. This is a place of sacred wisdom.

What a combination: A foundation of dependable, inner sacred wisdom and the creative energy of new beginnings. I find this combination potent, satisfying, and fulfilling on all levels. I hope that you do too.

Love - Alice


As I prepare to leave Lake Worth Florida for Hendersonville NC, I reflect on what these past 6-7 months have been about for me.

Late Fall brought forth much work for me to do on the inside of me, which occurred in rapid succession. There were some possible serious health concerns, so this challenged me to adjust my life to make myself the absolute priority. This was my automatic response - as it is my belief that no one can address those concerns but me. If I allow everything and everyone to jump in and take over, I am not honoring myself as the God spark that I am or meeting my spiritual agreements and personal desires for this life.

After successful intensive inner work, I seemed to enter into an hibernation phase. Although logic told me this was happening to allow everything time to settle and integrate, it was a little more challenging for me. The Universe was giving me lots of openings in my calendar and I initially felt compelled to make productive use of that available time. Interestingly, I could not make myself do the things I wanted to do – and they were all good, creative things – like writing, journaling, etc. I received the idea of being in the void, that this period was about creating the new and being okay with waiting for gestation/manifestation to occur later in the Spring.

Once I received this explanation, I was able to fully move into allowing. The stuck feeling left, and I just was.

The Spring Eclipse series was powerful, adding more encoding and physical/mental changes. I felt a significant shift during this period, bringing me into another level of alignment. This refined alignment allowed me to receive important information for my healing practice and purpose in the future. The void seems to be beginning its birth!

As I leave my cocoon of the South as a butterfly emerging and traveling back north – I bring with me all that has transformed. I am able to more fully be my purpose and focus on my own spiritual ascension. As I move forward in my journey I know that nothing is more important than operating as spirit while living in the human condition. As each of you follow your higher guidance and move forward in your journey – together we are all creating the new reality on the earth just by being true to our path and self. All is in Divine order – we are always safe, cared for, loved.

Please enjoy some wonderful shots (below) of an inspiring spot in Palm Beach – the Society 4 Arts botanical and sculpture garden.

Carolina Friends I look forward to seeing you soon. Lake Worth friends I will see you in the Fall. Stay in touch and remember that I am available to help you via phone, Skype, and email. And to my very dear friends who live in many other locations - I cherish each of you deeply and thank you for staying in touch with me electronically and by phone.

Love and Blessings - Alice

Lake Worth, Florida is my home for many months of the year, has an incredible and famous street painting festival. Talented artists from around the globe paint their heart onto the street pavement - despite the heat, cold, or rain. There are no winners, ribbons, or monetary gain for this event. Yet they travel here to create their art "in the moment" on our streets.

This is the second year I admired the event. It is unbelievably incredible.  This year, however, held another magical moment. After the hard work was completed, rain came and washed "most' of the brilliance away. Many said "isn't it a shame that these talented dedicated artist's work lasted so briefly". They finished at 6:30pm on Sunday and by 2am Monday much of it has be washed away.

I say - WOW! This was creation in the moment for the moment. There is no reward or promise of longevity - it is about expression.
Topics that represent personal tributes or reflections of world events are common expressions.

What an active example of 'living in the moment' this is for all of us.  Lots of good energy was created that weekend. Take a peek at some of the art work created - and let this be a reminder about doing what feels right in the moment. Let's honor it and ask that all on earth benefits.

This inspiring sketch by Pat Rinaldi represents to me the illumination, balance, and flow that I am being asked to infuse into the earth this year.

That means I have a new assignment for the new earth in 2015. I wanted to share it with you.

The direction is clear:
1) "The earth is wobbling on her axis; do the work needed to turn this around. Go to your other dimensional sacred space and receive."  Well I did and I received a long list, which Lacey Meyer is helping me to address piece by piece each week.

2) "Move more fully into your role as teacher. Start executing your vision of educational videos on YouTube to help wake up humanity."  I am finally stepping out to do this and my assistant Nikki has agreed to be the creative director for this project.
Here we go. Stay tuned!

Inbetween focusing on my assignments, I have really been enjoying my daily walks with lots of winter flowers in South Florida.
Take a peak below! Lovely!


Hello 2015! 

I can't wait to share all that is happening.  Don't forget every month I post a new article, my events are regularly updated, and make sure you are signed up to receive my newsletters because there is always something else in the works!

I've also been having a blast doing guest articles and interviews across the web.

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