Inspirational Speaker

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Alice McCall provides fresh insight into common issues that we all face - both at work and in our personal lives. She is a dynamic speaker, frequently giving keynotes at business meetings, conventions, woman's expositions, wellness conferences, metaphysical shows, and community organizations. Alice's talks are educational, inspirational, and practical. She has the ability to make complex material easy to understand and usable by her audiences.

Her range of topics include business, inspirational, self-help, and wellness presentations.

Alice's public speaking has been labeled thought provoking, life changing, and a breath of fresh air. She balances humor with a true passion and personal knowledge about her subjects. She speaks from her heart and will touch yours! Alice will inspire you to expand your horizons and take meaningful action in your life. (Breakout sessions are also available.)

"Hearing Alice talk has totally transformed my life! I was inspired and her practical ideas made it easy." M.C., Hendersonville, NC
“Your talk was very inspiring. Every thing you presented struck a cord with me. You raised my awareness. Thanks very much for sharing your heart and spirit with us.” A.D., Destin, FL

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