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Worry - it's not healthy!

Inspirational Article for January 2019
Worry - we all do it. It’s a learned behavior. It’s socially acceptable. Yet, it is very unhealthy for you.

We have discussed many times how worry can create exactly what you are worrying about. This is because when you put your creative focus on anything, including what you don’t want, it helps create it.

Let’s go beyond this concept and uncover the other negative implications of worry - this common habit way of being.

Worry requires your energy. Energy flows where you’re focused, and your focus is your choice. When you make a choice, you also accept the consequences that follow. If you choose to focus your energy and attention on your worries then you are accepting the consequences which include drained energy, scattered focus, and unnecessary stress – outcomes you do not want!

Stress and worry are two different things.

The two most common types of stress are survival stress and distress.

Survival stress is a necessary element of your individual survival profile. It is what fuels your fight or flight response that alerts your body to produce the necessary cortisol and other chemicals readying you to be able to put up a fight or take flight from ‘real’ danger. This physiological response is meant to be temporary, the excess hormones return to normal levels once the threat is neutralized or has passed.

Worry, on the other hand, is a constant mental distress caused by your persistent nagging attention on something you do not want. What you worry about can be real – meaning it is occurring. Most often, however, it is something imagined – something that has not happened yet. You project an anticipation of something that may never occur and constantly worry about it. Or maybe you think something is impending, but once again it has not happened yet. It is only in your mind that it is impending or that the worst case scenario is waiting for you.

The worst part is when you worry about things that have not happened, you can actually bring them forward to the present. Even if you feel it is helpful to worry, the fastest way to get what you do not want is to fear it, worry about it, or anticipate what could occur. Why? Once again you are putting your creative focus on that which you do not want.

Worry can convert stress into a chronic condition.

What is dangerous about the mental preoccupation of worrying is it heightens the conversion of stress into something internalized. When we internalize stress it often reappears as a chronic condition.

Habitual stress produces excess cortisol – which has a negative physical impact. Overtime, these reactions can become an ongoing habit way of being for your body, mind and emotions – yikes! Issues like hives, headaches, immune system issues, sleep disorders, memory loss, unhealthy skin, and more are often symptoms of an overactive stress response.

Worry, and the stress it creates, build new challenges for everyday life.

It’s time to take charge.

All of this builds into itself. The stress, negative physical symptoms, and worry creates it’s own avalanche that begins with innocuous trickles.
It is up to you to take charge of your life and your worries. Consider placing it at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list for your health and wellbeing. You have the choice to STOP, regain control, and change your habit of worrying.

It can be a difficult task to overcome worry – but is possible. Whether you feel like worry is necessary to fulfill your role as a parent, business owner, or any other title – it isn’t true.

Choose to become aware of your worry thoughts and shift them when they arise in the moment into something better for you and your life.
Example: You worry that you won’t be accepted. Change that worry immediately to “I am accepted and liked by others.” Now you are placing your creative force on something you want! Congratulations. You will see greater results when you focus your thoughts and intentions on what you want versus placing your worrying thoughts on what you do not want!

Here are a couple of more examples: You worry that your teenage son who has started to drive will have an accident. You don’t want to create that! So shift it to “I send two angels to be with my son when he drives. He is safe and protected always and everywhere.” Now, you are contributing to his success with your creative force!

You worry that you will not find a job. Stop and shift this thought immediately to, “I easily locate a job that is a good fit for me. I trust this!” Then visualize yourself in your new job.

This year I challenge you to make this the year you master your habit of worrying. Have it in the forefront of your mind to shift every worry thought that pops up throughout your day. Practice this by stopping your streaming worry in the moment or as you are speaking your worries – stop the worry habit. Then replace that worry with a positive intention/thought for you to consciously focus on.

Consciously turn your mind chatter from negative to positive - ending the constant energy drain and chronic stress production for the benefit of your body and you. Your body will thank you, and you will enjoy a healthier and more positive life! Happy New Year and many blessings!
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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