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Do You Really Know Yourself? 

Inspirational Article for August 2021
We create many versions of self. The most carefully crafted version is often our outward expression – the one we share with strangers and more formal relationships. How we speak, talk, and act with those closest to us is usually different than how we speak with a boss for example.

It can be easy to accept that these versions of self are the ‘real’ you. But are they?

The person we most often and most easily lie to is ourselves. This occurs in part, because we spend hardly any time getting to know who we really are. We accept our outward expression of self as being all of who are.

How can you see clearly and through the fog of expectations to acknowledge if your true self is waiting? Do you ever wonder why the same patterns, relationships, or situations appear for you? Does your current job mirror past job frustrations? Or do your romantic relationships share similar disappointments, even against your best efforts to forge new directions?

Who we are in each moment of our life is the result of everything we have experienced and created for ourselves thus far. Often, we do not understand this concept or choose to reflect on it using the inside of our self – our true self.

Just as change begins from within, we must connect with our true self to make changes to our outward self. The truth is, no one can change or fix you. You can change when you make changes within yourself.

One of the most powerful steps to change is fully understanding you can’t affect the past and the past doesn’t have to define you. Move from a powerless mindset to one where you give yourself power to transform all aspects of your life.

It is important to have the desire and determination to change yourself, regardless of what others are doing. Make a commitment that stems from a willingness to own all aspects of you and your life. Create the vital force for positive change through your uplifting energies.

When you allow yourself to move into self-acceptance and acknowledge your short comings, it propels your journey of exploring who you are. With this, you strengthen your ability to make changes. As you sincerely look at yourself, with the utmost honestly, it permits unpleasant truths to be seen. After all, you have to discover those truths in order to change, remove, or transform them!

Most ancient texts of all cultures share a message similar to “Know Thy Self”. Do you know yourself? Why not make today the day to start with these introspective questions? Spend a few moments in a quiet spot and meditate on these questions:

• Who am I?
• What is most important to me?
• What are my top values and why?
• What is my essence?
• What makes me happy?
• What is my passion?
• What makes me want to get out of bed in the morning?
• What aspects of me am I least proud of? Am I committed to start changing them?

And remember, regardless of your age or what is going on with you - it is never too late to honestly get to know yourself.

Love to you -A

Alice McCall of Healing Path

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