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I am Open & Willing

Inspirational Article for May 2018
Not knowing what lies ahead but being open and willing to allow it - is a sure sign of advanced spiritual master on their path.

It’s a sign that your ego control issues have been addressed and you are now at the point where you are open and willing to move ahead, even when you don’t know what is next. You trust that whatever happens will be the best for you and in line with the greater good of all.

This is a significant step and a very big accomplishment.

It is very important to acknowledge that ‘open’ and ‘willing’ are not the same thing, they are two separate components of personal evolution. You may have felt you were open to what may be around the bend, but experienced resistance to accepting it.

This calls for an honest inquiry with the inside of you – all parts of you. Somewhere, somehow a part of you is resisting. The ego mind, a hardwired physical habit or an emotional response instilled from childhood could be fighting against this type of change. Simply, some aspect of you is not willing!

The experience inside of you might be, "Yes, you think you are open - but I am not willing to budge."

It is a big accomplishment when you are able to say confidently, “I am willing in all parts of me.” Congratulations!

Be mindful of staying in the energy of willingness, versus exerting your human will.

It is important to acknowledge the difference between staying in the energy of willingness versus a state of exerting your human will. “I am not pushing or striving with my will, rather I am allowing with my open willingness.” Allow yourself to actually feel the difference, it is profound.
Being willing to accept what may come – even when it catches you by surprise is so important for your personal and spiritual growth. Your human will can often cloud what is meant for you, so try holding a willing space for what is divinely meant for you to occur. This opening brings wonderful gifts.

Connecting with the energies and concepts of being open and willing is best done within the context of your sacred heart. This is the space where all happens - the space between the inner and the outer; the space between sleep and awake; the altered state that can be achieved in meditation.

To experience it center yourself in your heart within meditation state. State clearly your willingness for the next leg of your spiritual journey to occur. Leave behind your human willful ways and your desire to push for what you think you want. Then relax, and allow yourself to experience what is perfectly tailored to you, at this time in your journey.

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