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Just Once, Try This!

Inspirational Article for June 2021
Act on your inner knowing.

There is no time like the present. Move without hesitation as this is the moment for a step forward. The current energies are aligned to help you to do so. If you hear the awakening in your heart, soul, and/or body - answer it!

Many find it hard to follow in those moments – and to embrace the message meant to help you forward. Begin by acknowledging that intuitive-hits, a gut-feel, intuition, and heart-felt sense exist. Once you believe in their existence, why would you ignore a strong pull from your heart and soul?

It can be easy to create excuses. It may seem like you are too busy to acknowledge and act on your intuitions. Maybe you ignore them, as you feel you already dealt with what you are sensing. Perhaps, and most commonly, you are fearful or feel foolish to act on them.

This is your challenge: Try listening to and following your heart-felt sense about something and see what happens! What is the worst that can happen?

Usually the worst that can happen, isn’t insurmountable. It may be something new that you haven’t planned for, but even the worst outcome you can imagine is something that you can easily overcome. That isn’t even accounting for all the positive you could be introducing into your life by acting from inspiration.

Try it, just this once. You will see how it was really no big deal and you will build confidence in the process. The more you experience trusting your inspiration, the further you will move from operating from a place of fear. It is invigorating! Be prepared for feelings like, “This is exciting; my own true authentic self is alive and well. It feels good; I want to be like this more!"

Our lives are a constant journey that unfolds much like chapters. Embracing your heart inspired knowing may be the key to unlock a new chapter or help you through a plateau. We all are a work in progress, and progress isn’t always linear. Don’t be disheartened if you take a couple of steps forward and then one back and then another forward again. Regardless of what shape your progress takes, it is still embracing moving forward and evolving your life!

Do you want to move forward? Do you want to be the confident, divine person you truly are? If the answer is yes, allow yourself to try a different and new way of being. Your higher spiritual self will support you. You will be successful and you will really feel good about yourself. How exciting and empowering!

Helpful Steps:
When you are experiencing a gut feel or intuitive feeling, try these steps to fully connect with it.
1. Quiet yourself with your breath. With intention, bring your focus to your heart.
2. Ask your heart: Why am I receiving this strong feeling about X?
3. Ask: What is the worst that can happen if I follow this direction? And, what is the best that can happen if I follow this direction?
4. Acknowledge you have nothing to lose. If you still feel concerned, ask why.
5. If it’s a worry, self-doubt, or an unknown - look it courageously in the eye and say out loud, “You are not holding me back. I am going to give this a try.”
6. Then set your intention for a successful experience.
7. Step out and see the good that happens!

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