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The Importance of Balance

Inspirational Article for July 2022
In spiritual circles, ascension is a popular topic. Yet, in order to evolve our self-development and spiritual development we must be balanced. Somehow, balance is too often left out of the ascension conversation. Without balance, there is no stability. Without balance, there is no ascension.

Balance is perhaps the most important aspect within self-development. It can be easy to only focus on work/life balance, which is important - but there is so much more to explore.

Our world, the universe, your life, and you - all operate best when in balance. Common examples of being without balance include: Eating too much or too little. Having emotional swings. Holding angry thoughts. Spending our energy helping others with nothing left for ourselves.

Spiritually we are asked to be conscious of when we ‘begin’ to lose balance within any aspect of ourselves. When we are conscious of those moments we can then self-correct and pull ourselves back into balance. The longer we stay out of balance, the harder self-correcting becomes. We must know our imbalances and be aware of them in the moment - in order to be fully balanced.

Keeping our energy in balance supports our health, well-being, and our spiritual growth. When we tank our energy by allowing an emotional outburst like a temper tantrum, our body becomes nauseous and generally unwell. It isn’t worth it! And further, it often solves nothing that is agitating us within ourselves or with our relationships. A more nuanced, balanced approach helps us remain calm and see problem-solving solutions that are out of reach when we let our imbalanced selves take over.

Everyone’s triggers for imbalance will look different as they originate from our life experiences, unhealthy relationships, unconscious patterns, and so much more. Often as we move out of balance we will find a connection to fear. It can take a lengthy amount of time to physically, mentally, and emotionally recuperate from a fear response. The important question is – why did we even engage in fear to begin with? What can we do to remove it and prevent that response from reappearing?

We all have areas of imbalance. It is up to us to be honest with ourselves about what those areas are, in order to address them. It is up to us to be committed to focusing on mastering and managing them to move into a life of balance.

Discovery and commitment to address your imbalance provides a beginning point for your journey. It helps initiate balance throughout your way of thinking and being as you move through daily life. If you are on the ascension path, you’ll find your growth exponentially affected. One cannot fully grow or ascend without fully embodying balance.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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