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Boundaries are for You

Inspirational Article for August 2022
We are commonly encouraged to set boundaries with others. We use them to set the framework about what we allow, want, or even deem unacceptable from others around us. However, boundaries have another very important aspect – boundaries with self.

Self-boundaries are helpful in making the best choices about life, people, behaviors, and experiences. The more you put these boundaries in action, the more you’ll feel a positive effect on your spiritual growth and ability to live your purpose. Let your boundaries be foundational principles for you!

Self-boundaries are best used daily as a guide regarding what you deem acceptable from yourself, as well as from others. When you consciously acknowledge what your boundaries are, you can more easily live in alignment with them. After all, how can you live from your boundaries or know when something or someone is pushing against your sacred boundaries without first setting those boundaries in place?  

A lack of self-boundaries or not acting from your boundaries invites disrespect. Worse, disrespect is something that grows and pulls in the negative influence from other sources and interactions. Energetically it tells the Universe, “Come on in. You can walk all over me, as I don’t know how to say ‘no’ or am too afraid to do so.” If you don’t respect yourself enough to live from with your own boundaries – it further opens your life to others not treating you with respect. 

Learn to set self-boundaries.

Let’s not just set our boundaries, but revisit them often to see if they need to be adjusted to our current needs. Just as our lives are a continually evolving journey, our boundaries evolve with us too.  

If you’ve never set your boundaries or haven’t revisited them lately, you are not alone. It can feel selfish to enact new boundaries, especially ones that affect those closest to us. So instead, we continually let others take advantage or give others power over us to ensure we are liked and accepted. The result is a bunch of people walking around without their needs being met and feeling less than whole.

Learning how to set boundaries is a vital part of learning to respect and love yourself. It supports you in your efforts to do what is best for you moment by moment. In order to truly be in touch with who you are and learn to define yourself in a healthy way – you must live from the guidance of your boundaries.

An Important First Step:

The first step to establishing healthy boundaries is becoming fully in touch with yourself. We are each special and unique people – so our boundaries need to be specific and unique to who we are.

It can be challenging to begin boundary setting from the inside of ourselves. We are often taught that we should look outside of ourselves for self-definition and self-worth. Instead of letting others define us, let’s choose who we want to be and what we allow in our lives.  

Beyond the far-reaching personal benefits of living your boundaries – it lays the foundation for healthier relationships with others. The more you communicate in a direct and honest manner with yourself – the easier it is to communicate those same things with others. 

Take time to be honest about which behaviors are most important from you and from others. And, what you feel is unacceptable from others and yourself. This is how you begin to create all-new boundaries that will reshape your life. You are worthy of establishing healthy boundaries and you are worthy of the respect you will experience when you enact those boundaries.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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