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Allow Healing Its Own Journey

Inspirational Article for December 2021
Several years ago, I broke my left femur bone. I also damaged the ligaments, soft tissue, and the cartilage related to my left hip, knee, ankle, and foot arch. I was totally immobile. Suddenly, I was dependent on those who offered to help.

There were so many lessons to this experience: Patience was a big one. I had to let go of my ego and pride, as I just could not do a damn thing! One item though was a surprise - I kept having expectations of when I could walk normally. Yet, none of them happened when I wanted or hoped. People around me even heightened this dilemma by saying, “Why is it taking so long, you are a healer. Of all people, you should be back and running right away.” Ouch!

The long and short of it was, there was more involved than a broken bone and the physical damage. There were many spiritual lessons to learn and lots of fears and beliefs to be transformed. I have come to understand that accidents are indeed big spiritual teachers, so never overlook that aspect. If we do, we might have another accident to get our attention again – not what we want!

As each month passed, I got discouraged. I couldn’t do anything without help – whether it be crutches, walker, cane, or human assistance. The idea of running or going down stairs without gripping the railing for dear life seemed impossible. Favorite activities like hiking in the North Carolina forests wasn’t possible. After six months, I started to fear that I would never walk normally again and never be confidently mobile again.

There was so much about this process: how I sat down and stood up, how I got into and out of a car, how I got dressed, how I took a shower, how it was impossible to stand/move to make my own food, and how I could not take care of my life, home, and business! How I physically did everything became the exclusive conscious and unconscious focus of my brain for days, weeks, and months on end.

Then one day, months after my accident, I left the house and got into the car - unaware I did not have my cane. When I arrived at my destination, it wasn’t until I was already walking towards the door of my appointment, that I realized I didn’t have my cane! I also realized I was naturally confident and doing fine without it! In an instant, it seemed as if I was returning to my capable self.

In that moment, I remembered a time several years before, when I was self-healing chronic digestive issues and was afraid they would never heal. I had even asked my higher self if this was part of my exit plan. I was told, “One day you will just go about doing your day feeling normal and forget you were sick.” And, that was what happened! About six weeks after the message, one morning as I was doing my daily routines - I suddenly realized that I had energy and focus, without pain or digestive distress. I was back to my regular self!

In that experience, my ah-ha was: ‘I must let my body and its healing have their own journey. When it’s over, it’s over. When it’s not, it’s not. There is nothing wrong with me, except my expectations, pride, and fears!’

This message is for anyone who is, has been, or might be experiencing deep struggle or pain. This can be from a physical issue, debilitating fears, stress, difficulties searching for answers, or even a prolonged spiritual transformation. It also for those who are trying to manifest something important. Challenging life experiences consume us, worry us, and can bring up ‘big time doubt’ of success.

Please know that whether we see or feel it, healing is happening within – often little by little, slowly but surely. Never doubt that there will come a time, after what seems like an eternity, when you will forget your cane. One day you will suddenly experience a familiar rhythm and lightness of being.

We cannot rush this process. We cannot force it. The healing and the shifting must occur in its own divine timing. Yes, it is important to do our part within this divine time frame – whether it be therapy, nutrition, or research. And regardless of the type of concern - intimacy, love and acceptance with yourself and your body is key. Trust and know that all is in divine order, and that it will all work out when it is time. This is how to accelerate your process, where frustration and fear only lengthens it.

If you find yourself, now or in the future, in an unresolved situation related to healing, spiritual growth, or manifestation – remember to allow this transformation its own journey. Lose your expectations about when it will resolve. One day this cycle will be over and you will be so much more than you were before. And guess what, the cycle we are in collectively as a society, will have its successful conclusion as well.

Let this reminder of ‘being on your path at your speed’ inspire you to celebrate your wins. The gift of self-wisdom is your vehicle to embody peace – even in the face of challenges. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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