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I am excited to open up my most popular archived healing events for purchase.

To mark the occasion, I am giving away a free one hour MP3 when you register your email address below.

If you have never participated in one of my recorded healing events, they can assist you in an easy, private and significant manner. Each event is created around a specific topic and is recorded in a live setting.

My clients share how they love the flexibility of this type of healing support, as they can receive it when it is convenient to them.

If you have a health concern that you want to prevent, an area that needs energetic transformation, or if you are interested in spiritual growth topics - please see my full list of available MP3s.

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Discover and transform what is causing you to feel stuck on any level – life experiences, motivation levels, health, relationships, more. We all have stuck parts of ourselves, even showing up as “why is everything so hard?”

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