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Keep the Energy Moving!  

Inspirational Article for July 2021
Definitions of Stagnation:
• the state of not flowing or moving; meaning something blocks the flow; example: blocked drains resulting in water stagnation
• a lack of activity, growth, or development; such as: a period of economic stagnation
It is important to understand stagnation, as stagnation in any form blocks flow, vitality, physical and emotional health, mental sharpness, and joy.

What causes stagnation in you – within your body, mind, emotions, or spirit?

First and foremost, it is your negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions about life, yourself, and others. Additionally, your habit patterns, those that you are often unaware of can lead to stagnation. When these attributes are not transformed, they can become stagnation. Each person’s stagnation may reside in a different area, which is why it is so important to do individual work to address and transform it.

Stagnation can appear in one’s physical self at the cellular level, chakras, meridians, auric field, unconscious/subconscious/conscious self, or your soul’s karmic residue. Stagnation often affects the ability for your spirit – the true you - to express and be joyful!

Most of our stagnating beliefs form in the womb, early childhood, or are brought in as unresolved karmic residue from other life experiences. Let’s use this as a catalyst to change how we view and live our life. For example, take anything that occurs to your body, emotional self, or life experiences as a signal to sit quietly and ask, “Why am I experiencing this? What needs to be changed/healed? What lesson(s) do I need to learn? What insight or wisdom is part of this package?”

Step away from the viewpoint that life simply happens to you. Instead, look for the message. Decide to unravel the puzzle that is all parts of you. Make changes to your beliefs, with how you lead your life, and how you treat yourself and your body.

When you follow those steps, you’ll notice an air of change all around you. You are moving away from stagnation and into the flow of change. The further you journey, the more you will be led to clearer pathways, allowing for energy to flow freely.

As I’ve been on this journey I’ve noticed that my energy becomes lighter and lighter, more fluid, easier, and healthier. I am also more at peace, yet energized to live with purpose. And that is my wish for each of you.

The ongoing transformation of stagnation is important to be mindful of. We want to continually harness the flow of energy and stagnation prevents that from being our reality.

Beyond inner work, we can invite flowing energy into our lives through other measures. These methods are especially helpful when you feel overcome with ‘stuck’ or know your energy needs a refresh. Here are a few easy activities to support, maintain, and improve the energy flow in your body:

Physical Exercise - If we don’t move, our energy has difficulty flowing. Not only is physical exercise important for a healthy body, but it has mental benefits. Even the smallest amount of movement can help your brain function and restore the balance of needed chemicals. You don’t have to exercise intensely to reap physical and mental benefits – just some additional physical movement to push back against stagnation.

Connect with Nature - Take your physical activity outside and get a further boost to brainpower as well as a wonderful sacred grounding by the earth. Spending time each day in nature can improve performance, creativity, and problem solving. Research shows that being in nature offers an emotional lift. I will take that!

Unplug from Technology - Technology is a blessing, but it can also bring stagnation, agitation, and difficulty focusing. Research suggests that stepping away from our devices frees up our attention and opens flow in the body. I highly recommend not having any devices, including the TV, in the bedroom when you sleep. This gives a “clean” pause for your energy to renew and restore each day.

Pursuit of Growth - Beyond physical exercise, there are other exercises that keep us energized. Embrace your desires and focus on continual learning, engage in various mental exercises and creative activities, and enjoy a practice that promotes your spiritual growth.

Above all, keep your energy moving!
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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