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Don’t Hesitate - It All Begins with You

Inspirational Article for November 2021
Of the constants in life, one of the most prevalent is change. Even the most uncomfortable changes are invitations for us to look inwards. Use these moments and opportunities to look seriously and closely at your ways of thinking and being. Let change guide you to take stock of your values, relationships, and what is really important to you.

We each reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to roller skate through life. Thinking and doing things the same way over and over no longer serves us. When we are forced to stop and look at ourselves and the world around us, let’s ask – “Is this really what I want for me, for my family, and for my world?”

With introspection comes revelations. One of the most important revelations we each can make in our lives is how: “Only I can change me and my life’s experience. It all starts with me.” It’s an empowering moment and opens new doorways for growth. If you can change yourself and your life, then anything is possible.

How does one begin? One of the best ways, which has consistently been used over the ages, is to spend regular time in reflection. This can look like journaling, inner inquiry, or meditation with the deepest part of yourself, but whatever your preference it’s a necessary step. The seeds of change are most often hidden or buried inside us. Inner reflection is your pathway for change.

For those who become successful at changing themselves and their life, this process/practice becomes an ongoing part of their life. Then the next step becomes choosing to throw out any unhelpful ‘old ways’ you discover and creating new ways which are better for you. With time, this process becomes effortless while greatly benefiting your life.

The more you embrace change and find contentment with who you are – the less you’ll be concerned with being perfect or liked by everyone. You will understand how you and your inner self are the determining factor – the source for creating your life, your way. In daily life that may look like: “When I am upset, instead of pointing blame somewhere, I go inside and see why. When I feel life is unfair, instead of getting frustrated, I go inside and see why.” This helps you discover what to change within you, so you can become who you want to be.

In that inner inquiry process, you find a rhythm where you gradually relearn who you truly are. This naturally leads to learning how to love and respect yourself, which is the key to this process. When you decide your entire existence is worth something - that you are worth more, that you have something to offer that excites you - you open up.

When you realize what you are creating for yourself is tangibly showing up – that your changes have a major impact - you will happily continue to reverse the old ways. More than that, you will stop waiting for something to happen and do the inner work to change things!
Be empowered to step into your own power and become your own passionate creative self – one that no longer needs external approval to change. You change as it feels right and you will feel better for it!

Many of us feel we need a plan or a road map to change. We may want to know every detail before we try something new or step into who we want to be. However, the truth is we do not ‘need’ anything to become who we are uniquely meant to become. With an open heart and mind, along with your powerful intention, you can create your transformation or evolution.

As you continue to live your life, it will be with the knowing that your creation is real, as you’ll see the proof in your life. It may appear as new information or a new connection you need, or even the gift of peace you are intending for just begins to permeate your day – every day.

We are in the beginning of a new period of consciousness on earth, where our focus is changing from external to internal. Accept the call to look to your internal self as a source for insights, wisdom, guidance, and more. Our planet exists in an evolutionary universe. We have always been called to evolve and grow, both individually and collectively. This growth direction is so empowering, but only if you decide to move with it and make the personal changes to begin the process.

Don’t hesitate. What you desire all starts with you, not with something or someone outside of you. You are destined to have the life you desire and deserve. Don’t hesitate, as you are exactly who you have been looking for.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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