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Centered & Balanced – It is possible!

Inspirational Article for June 2018
As we move through life, we discover the importance of staying centered and balanced.

Throughout each day, we are faced with situations that feel like they take over - demands, schedules, expectations, and our own emotions and feelings within our body. When this occurs we can become stressed, get sick, experience depression, or have difficulty functioning.

At the core of these experiences, we are giving our control to something or someone else. When we let society's expectations run our life, we tune out our needs like additional rest. When our subconscious emotions run unchecked, they can spin us up with anger, fear, or despair. When we let our self-imposed 'to-do' lists control our day, we put excess stress into our life and our body.

It is imperative to start mastering your expectations, emotions, and thoughts. Remember, you always have a choice – even when it seems otherwise.

When dealing with out of hand expectations know that you can choose to say 'no,' 'tomorrow,' or 'next week' at any time. You can also choose to let go of self-imposed expectations – learn to take the pressure off and relax.

When dealing with swirling emotions, you can choose to stop them as they rise up and take a few minutes to quietly process them. When you stop your emotions in their tracks, they are not able to settle into your body and all parts of you which can lead to larger issues.

When dealing with negative thoughts you can choose to stop the negative self-talk that runs like a tape-recording in your head. When it starts, choose to say, “I am not going there,” and switch your self-talk to something positive.

If you do not take charge of your emotional self, physical self, and your life - who will?

Here are some ideas to help you stay centered and balanced:
** Take time each day for you – yes, only you. Even if it is only 30 minutes.
** When fear, anger or other emotions start spinning you up, stop. Sit quietly for 3 minutes and breathe from your belly. Breathe while thinking the word ‘calm’. Do not let your emotions take over your body.
** If your body is telling you have had enough, do not push yourself. There is always tomorrow. Allow yourself to stop and do something relaxing.
** Be clear about your priorities. If necessary, stop doing anything that is not on your priority list.
** Meditate, pamper yourself, walk, sit in nature, and laugh. Do activities that feel good.

Lastly, acknowledge how important staying centered and balanced are. When you make a conscious choice to be centered and balanced, it will become a way of life for you.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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