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Lose Expectations About Your Spiritual Path

Inspirational Article for March 2020
Your spiritual awakening doesn’t have a time frame in place or endpoint to race towards. It isn’t about working hard to make your evolution happen, but embracing your path as it unfolds
As you experience a spiritual awakening, your state of consciousness will be different, along with how you think and perceive the world to be. A euphoric feeling may occur, like you are floating through life on a cloud or maybe your third eye visions will be vivid, clear, and awesome. Your expectations are that you will forever feel lighter, loving, and kind. It’s common to think this is how everything will be, now that you have arrived in your awakening.

However, life will test you. Perhaps you will return to human habits - your old ways that are still familiar and feel natural, forgetting your new insights. As you realize that those spiritual awakening feelings have ups and downs, you may feel discouraged, let down, frustrated, and even betrayed.

While each situation is specific to us as individuals, the key part is we are still human after an awakening. This life is about human experience: we all have issues, make mistakes, love, get angry, feel scared, and grieve. It is all part of the great experience of living as a human being.
Having an awakening does not mean that you have arrived or have completed all mastery. You are still operating inside of the human experience, but with a new understanding to incorporate into your daily human life. You have a new perspective to guide your thoughts and decisions. As you embody your new perspectives daily, you will be able to live more freely, peacefully, and joyfully while experiencing human life.

With awakening comes a deeper understanding of how all of life is sacred and matters. That understanding vibrates outwards in your life, from your spiritual practice, day-to-day responsibilities, to how you care for yourself. All aspects of life and decisions around them are important. They are expressions of your current self. Does one sweep the floor with the same joy as meditating with their third eye? This is an embodiment of being awakening in action – being awakening in the present human moment.

We are human beings reaching for spiritual awakening. There is a balance that must occur so we can both reach for our continual spiritual growth and maintain our current human existence. You are the only one in charge of you, regardless of what year it is or what portal is opening. You are the only one who can embrace all that life has to offer, as no one else can do this for you. No one can live from a more conscious, kind manner for you. It’s all about you - your choices and commitment to those choices.

If you chose not to integrate spiritual living into your daily routine or not to truly embody it – you may take a big step backward. It’s possible to even fall off the path that you were so excited about. This is about you and your choices, your willingness to integrate new ways, your kindness, and your ability to love yourself.

There's always a planet in retrograde or the latest psychic prediction. It is paramount that you learn that the external world isn’t an excuse for how you are feeling or allow it to create roadblocks to your ability to truly embrace your spiritual path each and every day. It is paramount not to let your human resistance hold you back or cause you to feel stuck. In many aspects, evolving is something your soul is already doing or is planning to do. Doing the spiritual work to be in alignment with your own sacred self will only have benefits to your journey.

If you haven't had an initial awakening, then follow the stirrings of your soul from deep in your heart. If you have had an awakening, then continue to follow the stirrings of your soul from deep within your heart. Either way, there is a unique path that awaits you. I hope you continue to allow your awakening journey to lead you to the unique discoveries that are awaiting you. Remember, everyone’s journey doesn’t look or feel the same. Let go of expectations and preconceived notions of what your journey is supposed to be like. Instead, embrace your path as it uniquely occurs for you, in each moment. 

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