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You are Evolving

Inspirational Article for November 2020
Evolution is often gradual change. Those changes can be so gradual that it can be hard to notice until you step back to reflect on the differences between now and 5-10 years ago. With that perspective it is easier to see how gradual changes form significant evolution.

Everywhere we have been, everything we have done, and truly every moment comes together to create the present. A big goal of our present lives is to continue to learn and make adaptations that are unique to your perspectives.

There was I time I believed in finding the right way to do things. I looked for the singular solution to an issue or question and believed there was a best way to reach that goal. However, that’s not what is important! As individuals we may approach a situation differently, but still reach the same goal or outcome. There isn’t one right way to do things, just as there isn’t one right way to be.

When we close ourselves off to other solutions, we become static – stagnant. Don’t become focused on ‘x’ being the only way because there can be multiple solutions to reach the same positive outcome. When we remain closed, it prevents us from seeing all the choices in front of us. It also can prevent us from being compassionate, when someone else finds their unique path.

It boils down to belief. When we begin to believe that our mental programs are the only way, we allow them to take on a life of their own, and they operate as an absolute truth within us. That ‘truth’ drives us and prevents us from seeing the world around us as it really is. It creates fences within our relationships, ones we would otherwise cherish, and impacts how we react to everything around us.

What if we embrace the idea that there are many right ways? There are many right ways to eat, to exercise, to practice meditation, to be a good coach or listener, and to be a supportive parent. My diet may look different from yours – but we each are making positive choices with our wellness in mind. That doesn’t make either of us ‘less than’ or ‘more than’ – we are two people making the best choices we can for our physical form.

Let’s shake off the intense narrative that there is only ‘one way to think, be, live and take care of our health’. How can it even be true as we all are unique, and there are many ways to do and achieve our goals?

Together we can explore, adapt, and find things that work for each of us as individuals. Let’s adopt the concept that beliefs and ideas that work for you in your life, might be different than those of others around you. Evolving is allowing. Evolving is continually accepting changing perspectives. Evolving is becoming flexible about how you approach living, while being in our ever-changing world.

This perspective is easier when you embrace your curiosity and refuse to become complacent. Some of the best singers never sing the same song the same way. It’s how they keep active in the present, fully alert, and their creative forces are continually engaged in every performance. It allows them the freedom to continually change and evolve. Sounds like a good way to approach living!

As we progress through our lives, we learn more about ourselves. We work to be self-aware and focus on knowing our true self. The more we are in-tune with ourselves, the more we become the unique way that is most suited for who each of us authentically are.

This is an important and powerful time for our personal evolution – one that is calling each of us to take a hard look at our old beliefs and habits. Accept the push to embrace new ideas and concepts. Let go of stagnation and allow the expansion of your evolution – even through gradual changes.

You may not see the rewards of evolving immediately, but your future-self will be thankful for the changes you are making in this moment. Evolving is a process and when you allow the process, there is no stopping your evolution!

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