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The Practice of Returning to Love

Inspirational Article for March 2021
The path of love knows the way. Love will get you through

Love is an action we can actively choose. It requires stepping out of your mind and thoughts and acting from the wisdom of your heart. When you do this, you reclaim the divine qualities of love that is your natural birthright.

When we walk a path of spiritual growth, we encounter many mastery paths. Responding and acting from a place of love is a mastery path that is part everyone’s growth. When we consciously choose this path, we strengthen our anchor point to the divine consciousness and welcome it into our physical form. Or said more simply, the more we practice love the more easily we become it.

It is truly a life’s journey to become this higher way of being. However, don’t let that scope discourage you from walking this path. Decide to achieve a huge leap forward by choosing to stay in love for the rest of today. Make this choice regardless of whatever occurs in the world around you or whatever annoyances, challenges, or struggles happen. You can choose to enter into love; to become love.

Every moment is your opportunity to practice returning to love. I say ‘return’ as our true essence, in its purest form, is love. Over the years I have frequently taught the benefits of heart meditations – moving away from your mind and into your heart to connect with the wisdom that flows through your heart. This type of meditation also connects us to the pure energy of love. The more we connect with this energy, the easier it is to understand it and remain connected to it outside of our meditation space.

It is through remaining in love that you can illuminate your divine mind, body, and spirit. Simply, this means your energy has received an uplift in frequency. By staying centered in your heart, you can maintain this uplifted vibration. By staying centered in your heart, you can remain aligned with the path of love, the path of least resistance, and the direct path towards accomplishing your highest purpose. Traveling this path leads to new levels of joy and love.

In time, you’ll find it easier to ‘drop into your heart’ throughout the day. When things become challenging or when you feel like you need a little inspiration or support - pause and consciously shift. Use that moment and think, “I am dropping into my heart. I allow myself to feel the love vibration, and it now guides me to interact differently than before.” Make the conscious shift to love and allow it to express through you.

Make dropping into your heart a habit! Here are some examples of when it can be beneficial to check in and choose love:
   • Feeling the pull of your ego resisting? Stop, release your mind, open your heart and drop into Love. 
   • Do you need inspiration or guidance? Stop, release your mind, open your heart and drop into Love
   • Are you looking for a new powerful idea? Stop, release your mind, open your heart and drop into Love
   • Do you need to overcome a big challenge? Stop, release your mind, open your heart and drop into Love.  
   • Feel pulled into the drama of duality? Stop and choose to turn away from the drama. Disengage mentally and emotionally, open your heart and drop into Love. 

When you work towards returning to love, you invite it into every aspect of your everyday life. It is especially helpful when you feel out of sorts or stuck. Take a pause during those moments to connect with your heart, the energy of love, and the full awareness of the moment. When you do, solutions or guidance will appear and clear knowing will surface.

The more you build this skill, the easier it becomes to connect to it effortlessly. Drop into your heart when you need wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and so much more. 

Build on the skill by spending time with your heart daily. Tune into your heart, open, and allow your heart chakra to be completely illuminated with divine love frequency. Send your heart love and receive love from your heart regularly. Establish a two-way exchange between you and your heart for a few moments each day.

The source of infinite well-being and power is within you! Make dropping into your heart and choosing love as a part of your daily life. When you actively live and learn from your heart, you can create lasting changes within you and for our world.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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