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Allowing & Disallowing Affects Everything – Part 1

Inspirational Article for March 2024

Nothing in your life happens without you allowing or disallowing it.

Did you know we have an intrinsic tool that can work against us if it is used unconsciously? Let’s learn about it and choose to use it consciously, because it is powerful. This tool can help us align with where we want to be and also to eliminate fears that cling to us.

Our level of allowing affects everything in our lives. By understanding and utilizing the choice of allowing or disallowing we can impact our journey forward. This article begins a two part series on the topic – starting with focusing on what you allow.

There is conscious allowing – we choose to participate, be part of something, or otherwise actively accept something to be part of our life. But not everything stems from those conscious concepts. Much of what we allow, occurs from the inner unconscious/subconscious aspects of self. It is part of the hidden innate operations within us.

Although allowing is part of our free will/free choice which we were divinely made with, often we are not conscious of it. It can be an automatic habit or hidden agreement formed from within regarding what or how much we allow. These are our innate operations. However, we have the ability to move this choice mechanism from the hidden and to use it consciously. That move creates an all-purpose tool to utilize allowing to create what we desire while eliminating what we do not.

Allowing isn’t just an ironclad dichotomy, you can allow in degrees. Sometimes that’s only a little, and sometimes it is a lot – and ‘how much’ can greatly impact your experiences in life. If you are not fully allowing something you desire, it negatively impacts your manifestation. It is important to evaluate what, how, and how much you are allowing or disallowing. Knowing this offers the opportunity to make changes for your benefit - after all knowledge is power.

The common example I’ve experienced with clients is when someone has surrendered to God and the Universe, but the surrender is not yielding results. The secret is in asking the inside of you, if you have 100% allowed this surrender. Most often the answer is ‘no’. If this is the case, you can then ask why, and uncover hidden aspects that need to be addressed. This will help you to shift things in the direction of your desires.

Why would this occur? Often we agree not to allow 100%. The complete surrender to allowing, even when it is what we are working towards – can meet some internal unconscious opposition. This can originate from a fear, old agreements, or just human nature.  

What does that look like? A great example relating to relationships is when we feel we are really opening up to someone new in our lives that we care about. As we are letting go and opening up, there can come a time when something inside stops us from opening up further. We find ourselves thinking, “No, it’s not safe to open any more than I am.” We may only hold back 20%, but that small amount is huge. It can keep us from enjoying a wonderful relationship fully and it impacts our authentic expression. 

Whenever we prevent ourselves from 100% allowing we are getting in our own way. We are fundamentally holding ourselves back from full healing, full empowerment, and meeting our desires and goals.

With this realization, our choice mechanism is no longer about just choosing. I am proposing that it is now about choosing and fully allowing your choice. It’s not just leaving the old – it is allowing all 100% of the old to stay behind.

I hope you return for next month’s article as we move from talking about allowing to the concept of disallowing. They are a two part fulcrum that will help you return to balance while positively impacting your health, dreams, and spiritual alignment!

Alice McCall of Healing Path

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