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Embrace the Darkness of Winter

Inspirational Article for December 2022
As Winter approaches, we busy ourselves with holiday preparations and gatherings. When they are over, after a brief collapse on the couch, we may start to feel trapped inside our homes. The shorter days, colder weather, and the natural slowing of socializing all can play a part in those feelings. If we linger on those stuck feelings, we begin to feel bored or may even experience seasonal depression. What if we embrace the darkness of Winter and what it offers us instead?

There is a tendency to want to hurry from autumn and into spring - to avoid the long dark days of Winter. Instead, let’s explore the positive aspects of Winter’s darkness. Let’s be grateful for the wisdom Winter can teach us in how withdrawal is an essential part of renewal. Our world was made with the cycle of the seasons in place, and they all have benefits to share. If we never stop to renew, we can become drained, physically sick, and stuck in lower dimensions spiritually.

Winter is a time to nurture our spirits. It’s when Earth prepares to come forth into the fuller light in the Spring, and we can mirror that preparation in our lives. When we choose spending our time in quiet for internal renewal and inspiration – we can bring ourselves into greater evolution. At first it may seem difficult to do, especially as many view resting as unproductive. However, nature teaches us how resting, drawing inward for a time, is needed for all living things. Rest is necessary for all growth, healing, and evolution – it makes room for positive change.

Let’s use the expanded stillness and darkness during this Winter season to powerfully create the change we want to see in our life and the world. Why not be the conception point- the creation seed - for the next phase of your desired life and the magnificent new earth. This is an excellent use of our season of extended darkness.

While we use Winter to renew, let’s also consciously focus on manifesting growth. Envision and intend that the light returns in the spring in a more powerful and a productive way for you with each passing year. This continuously carries you forward into your full potential, all while assisting humanity and our planet to move more fully into the light of higher consciousness. This is a time of trusting that your visions of the future will come into manifestation. Let’s embrace Winter as a chance to refocus those energies.

This Winter season offers an opening to make your hopes a reality. Let’s face the quiet, wait with patience, and be ready for the calm of Mid-Winter to refocus your goals. Make a commitment to allow more fireside moments, dreams, and journaling to sprinkle your Winter. Just as many seeds need cold stratification to fully germinate in Spring’s warmth – make sure you are planting your creation seeds for the warmer months now.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Love - Alice
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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