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‘Seeing the Good in All’ is Transformational!

Inspirational Article for May 2022
Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a lot of changes. Many of which are leaving their mark on human behavior and how we treat each other. I invite you to pause and reflect for just a moment on this.

Perhaps you feel that truth, honesty, and simple virtues have become out of style. Or that their opposites are the accepted norm. Maybe you feel that the world around you is impossible or too large to change. While I understand these feelings, nothing is impossible.

I was inspired and challenged by one of my deep meditations to live a new way. The goal is to ‘see the good in all’. While in meditation I was told that if we each lived this way, we can birth a renaissance of humankind living with integrity, kindness, honesty, and more. We have the ability to change the world when we live each day by consciously seeing the good in all, no matter what!

You are the creator of each day of your life. Our thoughts and emotions focus on either negativity or positivity. It is important now, more than ever, to focus on what you want to manifest. Embodying the energies of ‘Seeing the Good in All’ is profound in its ability to expand your evolution. It also impacts everyone you encounter and the world at large around you.

If you are someone who feels you ‘See the Good in All’ already, reflect on your challenging moments. When someone shows up in a way that is abrupt, hurtful, or judgmental are you able see the good in that person? When someone never seems to really listen to you, doesn’t it bring up frustration or anger – I know it does for me. Yet, we never know what someone else could be dealing moment by moment, day by day. Maybe they are struggling to listen to you because they are experiencing a trauma response or maybe they have a hearing issue you are unaware of. We simply can’t know what every person around us is dealing with. Our responsibility is to reach past our own perceptions and emotional reactions, and allow ourself to be compassionate even in challenging moments.

It’s time for all of us to give each other a break. We don’t have to befriend everyone, but we can stop judging them. We can choose to embody goodness and reap its benefits in our daily life.

Our perception of others shape our lives because the Universe adjusts almost instantly to our expectations. That is the Universe’s co-creator role. When we look for negativity, we are bound to come across it frequently. So the opposite is true as well - when we endeavor to see goodness around us, we create positive energy.

Let’s uncover the blessings that are hiding everywhere and the potential for goodness that exists in all human beings. Let’s focus on seeing the good in all, and be reminded that the universe is a place of balance.

There is a perceptible energetic shift that will take place as you choose to see the good in all. The unnecessary stress that came from dwelling on negativity fades away and is replaced by compassionate tolerance. This paves the way for a path of forgiveness and patience in the face of difficulty.

As you adapt the habit of seeing the good in all, you will feel the difference in your health, attitude, and the positive contribution to others. Your eyes will be open to see so much beauty and harmony in our world, that you couldn’t see before.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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