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Practical Ways to Support Spiritual Growth

Inspirational Article for October 2019
It is challenging, as we move forward on our spiritual path, to know how to integrate spiritual principles into practical living. It’s a very large, multifaceted concept – but there are tangible and actionable methods that we can use to support our journey. Over the course of my personal spiritual practice and aiding other’s along theirs, these three methods have helped facilitate full mastery and spiritual ascension within this lifetime.

Meditation- an added benefit!

First, adopt a meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are many and well documented, but there is a specific aspect that directly contributes to full spiritual growth. When we meditate, we separate our self from our human personality – the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of us. This allows us to sense our soul, the part of us that is often covered up by our human self. When this occurs we experience our soul directly, even if for a few moments.

That soul experience leaves a piece of sacred energy which is carried from your soul to your human self. Each meditation offers an opportunity to strengthen your authentic union with your spiritual self! This is a powerful and often overlooked benefit of an ongoing practice of meditation. Perhaps it will be a motivator for you to further commit to a meditation practice on an ongoing basis.

Service to Others- not what you think!

The second practice that supports spiritual growth is selfless service. There comes a time within your journey when you begin to feel a compelling, yet natural, urge to make contributions to others. This is a wonderful indicator that you are thinking beyond your own needs. When this occurs, it’s a sign that you’ve begun to vibrate and align to a higher frequency of love - not just human, emotional love - but one that comes from thinking about the interconnected whole. You’ll find yourself thinking and acting based on what is best for all involved - including the earth, the air, other people, and animals.

This corresponds with a knowing and emotional detachment from all outcomes and experiences. You act and trust that you’ve made the best choice possible, and then allow it to unfold. This is an indication that your soul and human self are ready to let go of their separate tendencies, and move forward with guidance by higher motives. This begins the partnering, the mutual rapport, between your soul and your human self! This is also a big step towards integrating compassion in your life.

Abstract Thinking – a platform for insight and intuition.

The third practice to propel you on your path to full mastery and spiritual ascension is the development of your abstract thinking. Why is this important? Your soul exists on the abstract mental plane. When you think abstractly, you exist in proximity to your soul. Abstract thought facilitates your ability to see the higher truths that are underneath events and experiences. Once again, emotional detachment supports the understanding and integration needed.

Through abstract thinking, the universal themes and principles that govern life and your experiences can be seen with a new perspective and with an understanding not realized before. Insight and intuition most easily occur when we are in a detached, abstract mind. When we are more able to observe and discern without human entanglement.

This is a part of your consciousness that requires practice. However, the benefit of making this an ongoing daily practice is that a new perception and understanding of life emerges. Wisdom becomes your guiding force instead of Knowledge!

Evidence of our spiritual evolution is always reflected through our perceptions of life and our experiences. One of many examples is: In earlier years we may have had the perception that things happen to us and people do things to us. That’s coming from life with a victim perspective and undermines your place as a co-creator for yourself and an inspiration to others.

It does take time, practice, and a conscious responsibility to change what you have created. These three practices not only can transform and evolve you, they also offer grounding, stability, peace, and a source of wisdom

I hope I have inspired you to take charge of the direction you are going. Now you have the tools to help you to do it and the benefits of investing your time with these practices are enormous.

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