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Practical Tips to Stretch Your Consciousness

Inspirational Article for April 2021
Our Universe and world are evolutionary. Everything moves, changes, and expands. If we stay the same with our routines, beliefs and thinking - we become stagnant which can lead to many health and wellness issues. Stagnation also can limit your consciousness - affecting your ability to grow, manifest, and enjoy life.

Consciousness is the range of information you operate with and is energetically referred to as light. The goal is to be open to growth and expansion. When we allow a narrow range of thinking and information to take hold, we prevent our consciousness from being able to expand.

In simple terms, an expansion of consciousness can be enhanced by working with these three areas.

  • See the bigger picture. See without judgement and with allowing. Naturally discern the truth of a situation - seek the truth instead of being led or told what to believe. Use your rational reasoning and come to your own conclusions. Embrace who you are and make the best choices for your life – even if it goes against the tide.

  • Live with integrity. In this context, integrity presents as thinking and making decisions from the whole. We aim to make choices that are the highest and best for all. All of our actions consistently come from this place of integrity, where no aspect of humanity or the earth is harmed by our choices.

   • Thirst for growth. No matter what you call it - learning, challenges, creativity, creative problem solving, or expressing our passion – growth is continuous. Spiritually, growth requires living from our heart, while embodying unconditional love and kindness for self and all others. As we stretch our consciousness and our new beliefs, we naturally test them out. Some will work for us and some won’t. It is part of the process to adopt those which resonate with your heart and soul.

As we move to a higher consciousness, we may look at others and think or say, ‘They need to move into higher consciousness’ or ‘They need to expand their consciousness.’ Each of us has a long way to go on our journey to become fully expanded. So, as with most things – it begins with you. All of us are working through our personal evolutionary climb. It is our challenge to focus on ourselves and not others. The process is to move past a mindset of blocking new options out of old habits and conditioning – and into an open heart that wants to fully see, listen, and learn.

Stretch your consciousness by inviting these into your life:
    • Allow yourself to consider new ideas or beliefs regularly.
    • Allow yourself to look at one person with an open mind without predetermined perceptions. Then try doing it for everyone.
    • Put yourself in another’s shoes sincerely and openly – even those who you feel judgmental towards. What are their challenges and limitations? Be empathetic towards their feelings and how others treat them.
    • Allow yourself to listen to different news and opinions.
    • Focus on someone’s goodness instead of lingering on the negative.
    • Eat a food that you’ve never tried or previously had an aversion to.
    • Read a book that will educate you on a new topic.
    • Try a new hobby or dive into a new interest.

Make it a point to do at least one of these daily. Even if it’s a few moments stepping outside of your routine, it can greatly impact your growth potential.

It is also important to realize how you ‘automatically’ perceive situations or people can create your consciousness. Example: If you see a beautiful flower and you choose to see it with gratitude for Earth’s creation. Or maybe you see the beautiful flower and get sad and angry, as you no longer have beautiful flowers where you live. The latter puts you into victim thinking and lowers your consciousness. The first puts you into integrity with the world around you and with the larger consciousness. You can learn more about your own perceptions by pausing before you speak, to see how you are framing up your communications. It is very insightful.

Each of us is called to stop our automatic perceptions and move into choosing how we want to perceive. When we stay stuck in our way of perceiving and thinking, it seals our consciousness in at a low level. Let’s be open to expansion, growth, and evolution by being willing to challenge our perceptions and change our thinking.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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