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The Power of Perception 

Inspirational Article for September 2021
Throughout life I always heard ‘perception is everything’. When I began studying energy and how it moves in the world/universe, I really realized how powerful our perceptions are.

There is no ‘universal one reality’, because each of us creates our life and reality. We do so through our unique thoughts and beliefs - which are formed through the lens of our perception. This perception often comes from a place of emotion. It is an unconscious reaction that is fueled by our past and shapes our reality.

What of challenges, struggles, and hardships? As we move through life we all experience tough spots, but what if we can alter our perception to move through those experiences?

When we shift our perspective and work to enhance our awareness, we can transform the entire experience. Embrace changing your perception as a powerful tool to change your life.

Interested in changing your perception? Then I invite you to follow these steps to invite change into your reality.

You always can choose change.

Giving yourself permission to change or view a situation from a new vantage point lays the foundation for fresh perceptions. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you are open to new solutions to old problems.

Change may be found in releasing old doubts or finding new ways to relate to a situation. Change can be small or so large that it shakes up every aspect of your life.

To make room for change, be open to releasing the doubts and fears that occupy you by going to your heart for guidance. Still yourself and your mind chatter, and enter your heart space. Let this space soothe the worry of your ego, your doubt, and entire self.

Return to your inner space as needed as doubts and fears reappear.

Increase your awareness of your energy and how you feel.

Work to be conscious of where you share and focus your energy. It can be easy to feel pulled in different directions, but only you can decide if those choices are best for you.

The more you work with this awareness, the easier it becomes to make quick decisions that best benefit you and your energies. Does something make you feel agitated, challenged, or overall down? Focus on what your energy is trying to communicate with you, and be open to learning from it.

When we ignore the communication we open ourselves up to it reoccurring. Unless we acknowledge and understand the message – the energies may repeat until the message is understood.

Spend time with your energy changes and your feelings.

When you acknowledge that you feel differently or that something is impacting your energy; what can you do about it?

First you have to be open to feeling those feelings. To fully access the meaning and message, you have to allow yourself to feel what is present. Once you do, it is easier to uncover the meaning for you.

Then you can do the work to take your power back from that situation. Enter your heart space and allow yourself to be fully present. Embrace acceptance of the experience. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to be happy about what is ongoing, but it will help to eliminate much of your struggle with what you cannot change.

Your acceptance will allow you to be present, clear, and calm moving forward.

Receive the benefit of increased light frequencies.

Acceptance allows you to live a more heart-centered life. You have let go of judgments and have raised your spiritual vibration. As this occurs, you are continually activating the light around you, radiating it outwards.

The more you focus on your heart, the more you are able to embrace higher vibrational frequencies of the divine light and receive them into your being. These divine frequencies are always present, but when you are operating from your mind’s worry, fear, or negative thoughts - these divine qualities aren’t as easily accessible.

Choose heart over mind as your mode of being.

As you spend more time with your heart and making conscious choices about your energy – it will become a natural expression for your everyday life.

If a new challenge arises, you now have the tools to seek change and renewal that is tailored to you. Using the calm support of your heart, acknowledge your perception and invite change into your perspective. Be bold and transform your experiences using your energies, heart, and highest guidance!
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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