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The Importance of Change

Inspirational Article for June 2019
Have you ever noticed how change is the way of the world? Day turns to night - night turns to day. From our perspective, the moon waxes to full and then wanes. Winter becomes spring, progressing through the cycle of the seasons each year. Some animals and birds migrate while the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The dragonfly begins its life cycle in water, shifting to air and while there, it matures. Change and evolution are indeed the way of the world - the Universe.

However, most find themselves stubbornly clinging to everything being the same and fearing change. They may fear something new, expansion, or the unknown. We can’t grow and evolve to our full potential and spiritual evolution by staying the same.

Ask yourself: Why is it is important to do everything the same way, be the same way, and think the same way? For each of us, the answer may be different, however, truthful answers create the opening for change. It’s okay if the reason for your avoidance of change doesn’t seem logical, it easily can be rooted in an emotional response, a victim response, or a childish desire.

Here are some additional questions that can help you be more welcoming of change.
What are you perceiving as the benefits of staying the same?
What is the worst that can happen if you try something different or consider a different belief?
Is that something you could deal with? (Probably, yes!)
Why do you fear change in a general sense?
Is there a specific change in particular that you fear?

These questions are part of the vehicle to discover your reason for remaining frozen in ‘sameness’ versus allowing yourself to evolve through change. This is important, because if you stay the same while clinging to the same habit ways of being and routines - you can become numb to living. It can be hard to be aware, in tune with nature, and even embodying your spiritual self while avoiding change.

Sameness creates a type of ‘living on autopilot’ that feeds into beliefs like: I don't have to think or feel. I just implement the same thing over and over. I just think the same thoughts over and over. I just am the same way over and over.

There is a compelling energy when we recreate our self, aspects of our life, health, or habits. It inspires deeper understanding which leads to a richer life on all levels.

Many years ago, during my corporate business career, I was considered a risk taker. In fact, many men would warn me, "You take too many risks. It will get you into trouble. Play it safe. Operate closer to the norm.”

To me, my risks were fairly safe, where the worst that could happen was not extreme. To others, however, they felt that way due to their perception of the situations and their emotional fear responses. I was seeing projections of their fears of not appearing to be the same as everyone else or fearing not being accepted.

After many years in that environment, I took the risk to leave for an unknown career of providing cellular level healing services. I had no idea what it would look like or how it would turn out - I was totally inspired to do it. I am glad and grateful that I did. I have freedom, independence, and the satisfaction of doing something meaningful for others instead of only working for a paycheck. The biggest benefit is my journey of spiritual evolution that has transpired since - evolving me into who I am today and into the future.

What are you being called to change about you or your life? Where is a personal revolution needed?

This isn’t always about a living location or career – it can be the call to stop judging or to transform habitual impatience. It is finding what is specific for you, to help change your evolution. Whatever the call is, don't ignore it.

Encourage the evolution of you to occur by celebrating and integrating change into your life.

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Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Certified Hypnotist) is a successful author, spiritual counselor, and Cellular Level Healing® consultant. She assists her clients in transforming dense blocks of energy using the mind, body, spirit connection. Her specialty is helping those with serious diseases. She healed herself of breast cancer without medical intervention by transforming her disease at the cellular level. For information on her popular book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ visit She also recently authored ‘Living with Trust: Guidance on Your Life’s Journey’.

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