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Your Soul was Made to be Free

Inspirational Article for May 2023
Freedom is our God-given birthright. We were made with free will and free choice, yet most of us don't allow ourselves to be truly free. We either allow others to have control over us or we allow our own limitations to exist - both of which prevent our freedom and make us victims of our own potential.

This year, becoming our sovereign selves and embodying freedom is essential. We can take back our freedom at any time by transmuting our limitations and allowing ourselves to be fully free. We are creatures of habit, and we often allow limitations rather than freedom.

Realizing that we are free is essential. How do you realize you are free? Begin by feeling it! Staying the same, fighting new experiences, and not allowing ourselves to be wrong are all the opposite of freedom. Freedom is about ongoing new experiences, curiosity, and full expression of your authentic self.

Yet, staying with the familiar continues to seem more compelling. Maybe it’s time to look at it differently. Staying with the familiar means we are settling for less, and when we settle, we are not truly free. Freedom is much more important than settling. Why then do you settle? And where in your life are you settling?

Here are some important ideas to help you create freedom

• In order to achieve real freedom, it must apply to all, otherwise no one is truly free.
• Freedom must be nurtured, or it withers and dies.
• Freedom is created through love. Love provides a buffer from external constraints. Chose it, not fear, to be the driving force behind your feelings and actions - both internal and external. This is how you achieve freedom. Fear is not real; it is man-made and allowed by man.
• Each desire for freedom, no matter how small, contributes to the goal of achieving it.

There is no greater cause than freedom for all. It results in peace, unity, and the return to the way life is meant to be. Everything in the universe exists in a state of freedom, and all else is unnatural. We need to stop allowing others to define us and begin defining ourselves. We are co-creators of our free reality.

This month brings Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of freedom, and the 5-5 portal, which numerologically aligns with freedom. Let’s utilize the energies of this month to transform ourselves into people who know they are free.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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