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You Are Not Ready Until You Are Ready

Inspirational Article for October 2021
Our current consciousness and automatic habit ways define what we see and how we understand. The Universe is vaster than our current consciousness can comprehend. The same can be said about what we each are here to learn and use for growth in this lifetime. All of us are attached to how we currently think and believe. It’s human nature. An experience or breakthrough often needs to occur to open us up, so we can consider what we haven’t been able to see or know. This is an evolving continual process, leading you to becoming your fullest potential while gaining important spiritual insights.

One of the biggest vehicles to assist you in this process is you – your willingness to listen to viewpoints, ideas, or information that is different from what you are used to hearing. It doesn’t mean everything will resonate with you, but your openness to new perspectives can unlock your growth. It is very important to let go of the notions of always being right or your way being the better way. This leads to a more open existence. When we care enough to fully open our heart and mind, we can finally understand what we previously weren’t ready to know.

Are you ready to commit to a new experience of openness? When you are truly ready to embrace this way of being and stop fighting the wondrous human process that your soul chose to experience - an openness that allows you to think or be in new ways can occur. As we choose to walk the path of learning who we really are, understanding our purpose, and how it all corresponds with the Universe – we create the space for a profound shift to occur.

Being open does come with its own challenges. Sometimes we have to accept that the underlying reasons we’ve yet to understand, are behind a difficult situation. Look beyond the surface for lessons or new learnings. Be committed to seeing the situation through until the new meaning is revealed.

For example: You are doing the inner work to transform a health issue. You feel like you are doing everything right, both physically and energetically, but the issue is slow to transform. Perhaps the extended healing period was about encouraging spiritual inner work that you didn’t make time for before. An experience like this often makes you aware of new things that are for the betterment of your life or can speed your healing. It is important to be open, even as challenges arise.

In the face of those challenging or stagnate moments, be at peace with not knowing everything that may be affecting the moment. Perhaps a new person, event, or experience needs to occur before you can reach the other side of the stagnation. Perhaps serious self-growth will occur in ways you didn’t consider. Perhaps you will end up loving yourself more.

When you live in this manner it becomes easier to see where your old beliefs were limiting you. This way of being allows you to be ready to shift those beliefs, leading to continual expansions of consciousness.

The evolving consciousness within you and within the collective of humanity, will no longer allow the old, as it no longer lines up with the higher consciousness we are moving into. As divine light beings we are ready to collapse old realities intentionally, because we know they are not for our highest good. This moves us into being ready for the next step, and another next step.

Maybe you have noticed how you look at yourself and what you accept is a lot differently now than 3 years ago. Do you find that you are setting more boundaries with others or calmly speaking your truth more frequently? This is an indicator that you are open and ready - ready for your consciousness to be continually expanded, to seek ongoing expansion of yourself, and to become your evolving potential!
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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