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My Message for 2021
Let’s make it a ‘brand new world’.

Inspirational Article for January 2021
Are you tired of trying to make unworkable situations, relationships, jobs, habits, or beliefs work? Maybe it’s time to start fresh.

With the New Year comes new opportunities. 2020 was an ever-changing landscape, which was so fast-paced that it often was difficult to stop and consciously think about what we wanted. And that’s okay! Sometimes we have to focus on one foot in front of the other as opposed to larger goals.

Yet, here we are now in 2021. Let’s pause and consciously choose what is important to create. 2021 brings in the power to consciously shift ourselves (individually and collectively) away from the energies of survival, fighting to win, self-absorption, and angry judgement towards others. The question may feel like, ‘Where do I begin?’ What if the answer is simple - just focus on love! When we practice love and the accompanying aspects like kindness, we build our ability to share them effortlessly. The more we practice love in all areas of our life, the more magic happens naturally for you and our world.

Experiences of separation and negative judgment has instilled within us a desire to come together – to come together as a family, a global community - to love and respect each other. So let’s build our communities to create positivity and to support the world we want to see. Let’s embrace less focus on self and more focus on what is best for all.

We are being called to elevate ourselves to create a new world of connection. One where we really want to connect without conflict. Are you ready to be fully honest about your habits and lean into these new energies? This means living to help one another. It means not allowing a conflict of ideologies or desires to block helping a neighbor or reaching out to a new friend. You have the power to help this movement forward and welcome it. Simply, it’s time to embrace ‘we’.

How can we work together to create this new peaceful paradigm on earth? How can we shift humanity from fighting one another to one of loving and nurturing each another? First, we must change our conditioned nature from many generations. It’s the prevalent lack thinking of ‘there is not enough to go around.’ This creates a subconscious fearful narrative that, ‘I must fight for what I want and need,’ along with ‘I must be better than others or I will lose out and someone else will win.’ This conditioning automatically pins us against each other. However, we can change it to ‘there is more than enough for all.’ This creates an abundant reality. Together we can make the choice that there is enough and those resources being shared with our neighbors have infinite value.

Where do we begin? When we consciously experience love - our health flourishes, impatience with others diminishes, and we have more joy to freely share. The best way to move from fighting to love, is by awakening our desire to connect with others. An easy method to accomplish this, is to consciously send out thoughts of love to others, even those you don’t know. This simple practice builds your love habit and diminishes your ingrained lack or competing habits. How many loving messages can you send each day in your communications, interactions, or even with your thoughts? Doing this daily sets in motion a totally different frequency – which positively impacts you, but also has wide reaching affects with others.

There is a paraphrased Einstein quote that was recently emailed to me that I’d like to share here: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

What consciousness do you want to create? Are your thoughts about the world you want to see or the one you don’t like? Are you making choices that share integrity, impeccability, and truthfulness – with a knowing that you are abundant, balanced, and at peace?

Isn’t this where we want to be as a reality – connected and working together? Let’s create a safe and caring world. Let’s make it a ‘brand new world!’

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