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Welcome 2022: It’s Your Time to Shine! 

Inspirational Article for January 2022
The past two years have felt like a blur. Rapid changes and emotional instability make it difficult to maintain the grounded perspective we aspire for. These challenges are also opportunities for growth and invitations to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. The vibration of the planet is shifting and rising - and your spiritual growth will continue to accelerate.

We are going through a necessary, huge upliftment of consciousness. All processes require balance. As we move further into light-based living, aspects of darkness will be more apparent. This is why both individually and collectively it is so important to do the work to change our perspectives, beliefs, and habits. The more we make those changes the easier it becomes to embody acceptance, love, peace, and joy. These are the energies we want to nourish and share freely.

Each person’s process will vary and be unique to their experiences. However, the outcome is the same – change creates room for higher consciousness living on earth. Facing the darkness within you and in the outer world is a key part of the process. One doesn’t have to ‘fix’ it – but rather make the commitment to rise above and radiate positive energy outwards. The further we are in the transformational process, the more darkness will effortlessly fall away.

Although your path is uniquely yours – you can kick off change by not giving anything negative or fearful your attention. Attention and energy fuels negativity. Focus on what you want to manifest and let what you fear or dislike fall to the wayside.

Further, darkness is too heavy to carry into this new wave of being. We all are being called to shed and peel back the layers of society and of life as we know it - especially our human habits and beliefs that are so automatic that they are like our skin.

Change doesn’t come all at once. Although our perception of the last couple years can seem extreme – most change quietly readies itself in ways we aren’t conscious of. We continually are being embraced with waves of energy, pushing us to grow and be ready for our more joyful expression of self.

The same energy expressions have been reaching the Earth. Preparation and quiet growth have been brewing – to be ready for positive shifts on the horizon for the benefit of all.

What does this look like in action? We make the choice to detach. We can separate from heaviness and negative energetic influences and put the focus back on doing personal inner work. Choose to lift yourself up and spread love and joy to all those who cross your path.

This is your time to shine. Your soul was destined to be on this Earth at this time for these waves of ascension. You agreed to it spiritually. This is your pathway. You knew it was coming and even if you don’t think you are ready for this - you are. Know it. Keep lifting yourself higher, while accepting and owning responsibility for yourself.

Life is not all there is, but for the short time that we are here, it is our responsibility to make the most of it. Let’s honor our present lives and make this year the year we stop focusing on the negatives within us and around us. Let’s live life fully and focus on what brings us true joy, with kindness and patience towards all - no matter what.

This is your direct pathway to higher consciousness. Invite your heart and soul to guide you, and peace to surround you. It’s your time to shine - from the inside out.
Alice McCall of Healing Path

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