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Available Events
Alice offers a wide variety of events that can be scheduled for your group.  These are only a small sample of possible topics that can be covered.
Please contact Alice directly to discuss required details and the event topic that would be of the most interest to you.
Alternatively, you can join one of Alice's existing upcoming events.

Recorded Events Available by Request


Your Core Healing Tools
Learn about the important alternative of self healing. Your Path to Health, Joy and Well Being Alice will discuss the basics of your own internal technology. At the end of this presentation there will be an opportunity for you to experience a connection with your own heart wisdom, a component of your inner solutions tool box.

Wellness Wisdom 
Learn the basics of alternative care, from many perspectives. In 2007, Alice experienced a successful self-healing journey with breast cancer. It included self-healing tools from a variety of holistic practices, and took hours of research to assimilate. Learn about alternative approaches that are available to us, along with how to integrate them into a seamless plan for health and well-being!


The Pure Essence of You
This is truly ‘mind, body, spirit’ integrative work. It leaves you whole, healthy, balanced & able to access the pure essence that is you! Alice McCall, Cellular Level Healing Consultant and Light Shaman partners with Carolyn Reynolds, Professional Level Hatha Yoga Instructor. Carolyn will facilitate all body, breath, yantra and mantra work using the teachings of Yoga. While Alice clears, reshapes, tunes, and reprograms the energy of your major chakras, including your ear (clairaudience) chakras. Enhance your body’s immune system and overall energy level. Increase your mental focus and clarity. Optimize your spiritual power - your wisdom, knowing, creativity, and intuition. Tap into the pure essence that is you!

Plum Blossom
Plum Blossom is a small, intimate Retreat Series where you will energetically work on:  balancing your Yin and Yang, aligning yourself with heaven and earth, merging with the universal elements and connecting with the wonderful rhythm and guidance of the moon. This will be your vehicle to activate your 7th sense – your sacred circuit to earth and the universal one. This connection will allow you to be in tune and aligned with the larger vibration. Each person will receive individualized wisdom and guidance throughout this workshop and we will end with a ceremony honoring self, earth and universe.

Authentic Self Revealed
In this retreat you will experience yourself at your core, your authentic self. Be guided to break down barriers that keep you from being the real you. This is a releasing experience to aid in ridding you of unhealthy tendencies and habits. Great for personal empowerment and confidence building. Leave feeling connected to self and the universe. Learn more here. 

Chakra Revitalization
Keeping your chakras cleared is critical to keeping your body healthy. This day retreat will revitalize your chakras and your bodily organs; having a big impact on your health, creativity, wisdom, and more. We will work on cleansing, balancing, and tuning your major chakras in a series of guided meditations. This work will be reinforced with guided imagery, breath work, and time for personal reflection and journaling. Alice will share meaningful affirmations that will help maintain the health of your chakras.  

Elements of Life
Fully realize that we are one with the world and all that is in it. Be guided in a series of energy exercises that will change the way you participate and see the world. Align with the four elements (air, fire, water, earth) and learn how to connect with the energy of crystals, plants, tress, and animals.  Ancient cultures taught that the way to heaven is through the earth; using that principle attendees will connect with the soul of our world, to receive inspiration, guidance, support, and so much more.  

The Laws of Psychics & You
Discover a variety of laws and rules that govern the world around us. Better understand how energy moves through the universe, affecting our lives and our health. Once these are clearly understood, we can use them to our advantage to create the life we want, maintain health, and establish loving, positive relationships. The important topic of protecting yourself while living on a planet that is increasingly negative is also included. Get in control by learning how to maneuver in a world of dynamic energy.

Achieve Spiritual Harmony in the New Year
Start the New Year off right! Connect to your spiritual core to have a more prosperous and positive year. Explore the energy of the New Year and interpret it into our life, encouraging a positive flow for the year ahead. Includes segments on: connecting with your soul's evolved purpose, manifesting your desires, attracting good things to you, re-establishing your personal power, and creating an abundant, joyful, and harmonious life.

Revitalize Your Body
A two day retreat aimed at revitalizing and reenergizing your body. Learn energy techniques, with extensive time for journaling, and so much more. This work will help transform, center, and honor your all parts of your body. Event includes cellular level work, sharing, meditations, and direct body pampering.  Energetic work on the circulatory, immune, skeletal, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems is critically important because they play such a vital role in keeping you well and running at your full potential, all of which are included in this retreat.

Personal Growth

Person Growth is about discovering who you are and learning how to better your life everyday. This retreat will guide you in becoming the happy, connected person that you always wanted to be. It focuses on several specific tools, and aspects of personal growth that are frequently underlying themes in Alice’s individual sessions. Topics like boundary setting, reclaiming your personal power, and learning to put yourself first, are some of the core topics that are covered in this retreat.

Establish Healthy Relationships
We have relationships with every person that is in our lives. We have a relationship with our self, and the parts of our conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. We have a relationship with God and the Universe. And, of course there are those special relationships with friends, family, and significant others. Enhance all of your relationships and learn energy concepts that change unwanted dynamics and patterns. Experience the intimate relationship that you have with your self and with God within a deep meditative state. Gain a new perspective on your relationships with others, and self. You will be amazed at the positive differences in your relationships that this retreat will bring.

Past Life Discovery
Connect with your past lives! Connect with the past lives that have the greatest meaning to your present lifetime. This will give you insights into current patterns, health issues, and ways of being. This will lead to vital information that will guide you in future work, or help you acknowledge areas that should garner attention.

Gateways to Your Spiritual Growth
The world around us is changing and evolving, and so are you! Learn the light activations and mastery gateways that are part of your personal ascension process. Evaluate where you are and where you are headed. Includes extensive energy work and group discussion to support the process.

Ongoing group work on ascension, both your own and the Earth's, is also available. Learn more about Growth Circles on Alice's services page.


Energy Alignment
Experience the power and support of aligning with the universe. In this session you will connect with the power of the above, the power of the below, and the power within, energetically aligning you with each.

Your Life is Your Creation
Experience a powerful creative process for your intention work. This 2 hour session will focus on creating your annual intentions. It will also provide a strong circle of energy and prayer support for your work.

Healing Path
Be inspired to begin the journey of your own self healing. In this educational seminar, we will discuss energy healing - what it is and how it works. We will also explore the role our thoughts and emotions have on our health and well being.

Optimize Your Spiritual Power
Would you like a way to enhance your energy, intuition and creativity? Be guided in the clearing and balancing of your energy centers - charkas, allowing the essence of pure energy that is you, to be awakened.

Change Your thinking, Change Your Life
Your mind is a powerful creative force; it can work for you or against you. This 2 hour workshop explores the principles related to thought/word creation. You will have an opportunity to work on an issue in your life that you want to change. 

Put Yourself First!
If you do not put yourself first and take care of yourself, who will? Come discover why this should be a principle that we all honor in our lives. A springboard towards redefining relationships is changing how we take care of our self! Includes practical applications that can fit into anyone's busy routine. Listen to the CD on this topic!

Energy Balancing
Optimize the power of intuition and action working in harmony. In this session you will experience the balancing of your male and female energies. This session will end with a special gift. Listen to the CD on this topic!

Improve Your Relationships!
A workshop, focused on managing relationships. Great if you are experiencing unexplained conflict with others, or lack consistent communication. Come gain a new perspective on your relationships with others and yourself.

Personal Balance
The workshop focuses on the importance of making yourself a priority. Alice will also show you how to set up practical boundaries that allow for positive respectful relationships. Come find personal balance in a busy world!

Stress Management
Stress can have a very negative impact on our lives if we don't know how to deal with it properly. The main focus of this workshop is to enhance your ability to transform stress to peace! We will explore what causes stress, and the changes that can be made to better manage and eliminate it! Discover tools such as breath work and other exercises that aid in managing stress – as it occurs.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power
In this personal growth workshop, learn why you give away your power, and how to break the cycle. Includes forgiveness work, with a focus on self. When you deny your own feelings and allow others to manipulate you - you are giving your power away – your God given right to determine your own destiny. Until one takes back their personal power, establishes boundaries, and puts themselves first – taking responsibility for themselves, it is easy to remain in the quandary of unhappiness and an inability to change what is not right for us.

Boundary Setting
In this personal growth workshop, learn how to create harmony in your life and your relationships. Great tools we all should have, that help in every facet of our life. Energetically establish boundaries for yourself and others in your life, allowing your authentic self the environment it needs to thrive. Positive boundaries allow for positive respectful relationships - this workshop includes practical tools and ideas that will support this process.

What are Chakras?
Introductory Workshop on Your Body’s Energy
Gain knowledge of each of the major chakras and practical applications. The workshop concludes with a powerful meditation that will give an energy boost to your chakras.

Learn to eliminating your foundational “lack thinking” (be it conscious or sub-conscious). Create a life of abundance using the tools of visualization, intention setting, and more.

Law of Attraction
Learn techniques to attract the perfect clients, customers, friends, and partners to you - to build the abundance within your life.

Feng Shui & You
The ancient art of Feng Shui can enhance your life! It can enhance your intention setting and support your ability to create the life that you desire. This workshop will take the Feng Shui concepts and share them at a practical level. Why not enjoy harmony, peace, and well-being in your home?

Meet Your Angels & Guides
Have you ever wanted to connect with a special angel that watches over you? Or would you like help and support that is "out of this world" and tailored exactly for you? Come meet an angel and a guide who is here to help and assist you. In this workshop, Alice will use the tools of guided mediation, energy work, guided imagery, and more!  She will create a connection with your guides in a safe space so that you can receive information from them.

The Power of Unconscious Patterns 
Do you wonder why some things always upset you? Do these moments seem to defy rational thought? Do you find yourself in the same situation, experiencing the same emotions? If so, the cause may be rooted to the unconscious patterns that you are unknowingly holding on to within yourself. Discover the impact that unconscious patterns have over your health and well-being. The workshop closes with a guided mediation aimed at discovering if you are holding on to any unconscious patterns that need to be addressed.

Naturally Inspired 
Experience and establish a connection with nature, opening the door to powerful wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. In this workshop you will experience a series of guided meditations that will connect you with different aspects of nature, learning the unique aspects and essences of each one. This is a great opportunity to align with the world around you in a personal and intimate manner.  

Divining Traditions 
Are you curious about divining and how it could impact your life? This workshop is for you! Delve into how to use a pendulum, automatic writing, and going to your heart for wisdom and guidance. We will also connect with your Higher Self. There will be exercises throughout for you to experience each

Private Group Sessions:

Self-Healing Circles
Experience your own self-healing as part of a group. We can focus on clearing and balancing charkas, removing blockages, intention work, or other group elected topics.

Healing Circles for the Earth
Experience the honor of doing group healing work for our planet earth, using Native American and other indigenous traditions.

Day Retreats
Experience the power of devoting an entire day to your spiritual growth and personal development. You will leave feeling renewed and inspired. Day retreats can be scheduled for small groups.

Growth Circles
Interested in meeting regularly with like-minded people to share and experience spiritual growth together? Each group’s work is created just for them, based on current needs and interests. For those with an interest in earth's ascension and one's own personal ascension process Alice offers a specialized growth circle. Participate in ongoing bi-monthly work to keep you current on Earth's ascension and how it impacts you, as well as the energy activations to facilitate your highest spiritual ascension possible.

A minimum of 5 committed individuals is required to form a circle either via teleconference or locally.

Please contact Alice directly to discuss required details and the event topic that would be of the most interest to you.

Recorded Events Available by Request

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