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        August 2018

Creating the Life You Want to Live
Part Two: Become Your Desired Life

Last month’s article, Ownership as the Missing Link to Creating Your Desires, addressed the necessary step of taking ownership of everything in your life. In it, is an important exercise that helps pave the way for the material in this article. If you missed last month’s article, consider referring to it before you move forward as it prepares you for success with the tools covered here.

Where you currently are in your life is the result of your beliefs, choices, and decisions. By your teenage years, you have already written several chapters of your life with more regularly added.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can make the choice to begin writing the next chapter(s) right now. These chapters are the basis for creating your future and you can write whatever you want.

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted with a notebook or tablet. Quiet yourself using several calm breaths and now imagine that you are a famous writer who has written a screenplay about the next chapter of your life. Not only are you the writer, you are also the director and the star. You are about to experience the screening of your work for the first time.

As this unfolds, use these prompts while taking notes:
• How have I decided to write the next chapter?
• What will this chapter look like? (It is entirely up to you!)
• How will I feel living this chapter of my life?
• What is the title of this chapter of my life?
Now close your eyes and envision living that chapter - including feeling the positive emotions associated with it.

Take your time so you are able to experience all parts of the chapter. When it draws to a close set the intention that, “I am worthy of living the (title) chapter of my life. I am grateful for this or something even better.”

Now it is time to make conscious choices so you can live your life the way you have written it.

Just as an actor rehearses to continuously prepare and expand their skillset – so must you prepare and practice to live your newest chapter. Practice makes perfect. As you practice being who you are in the new chapter of your life it’s important to encompass the attitude, new behaviors, and positive feelings that are parts of the whole. When you move through each day as the actor in your chapter, you are helping bring it into the present.

You have taken ownership, you’ve written your life story, and now you have complete power to change and become who and what you want in your life. Focus on your new thoughts and feelings - act on those thoughts and feelings. Practice. Become what you want in your life and the rest will follow!

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